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>>>> February 20, 2022 <<<< The rain season has just passed, and a strong cold air is coming to Xiamen.That means we'll have to keep exploring through the wet southern winter.(Shivers...)This week's results are mixed, as we explore a few different cuisines: old Sichuan-style restaurants, new creative Southeast Asian dishes, and Thai barbecued meats that fill the streets at rush hour.In addition to these dishes, I found a coffee shop that baked beans and a barbecue joint that served food quickly.Now let's take a look back at this week's discoveries!The cafe, which has been open for some time, has attracted attention because it is still popular during the Spring Festival.Under the recommendation of daylily, our team went to the store at once.Single beans are baked by their own, can taste the master baked beans extraordinary skills.The mouth is smooth and fragrant, with obvious wine aroma staying in the mouth.It made us want to taste every bean in the store.A small sichuan restaurant at the head of a house has gained a good reputation among nearby residents.The boss is chongqing people, the authentic stir-fry material gimmick got everyone's unanimous praise.The pepper is treated fragrant and not dull, and the boss will adjust the spiciness according to the guests' taste.The snakehead fish and the frog are freshly cooked, the meat is firm, the ingredients are fresh, and the other dishes we ordered are all good, so it's no wonder they have survived in the community for 18 years.This is an indoor combined with street barbecue shop, rush to the shop in the off-work peak, indoor and outdoor are already full of people, business is very good.Some of the dishes feature buttery roasts, meats that are freshly roasted to a slightly charred surface that glows with an inviting sheen.We were pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture of the special Thai four-compartment dipping sauce.The roasted persimmon and marshmallow also make the eyes shine, and the moment of poking marshmallow is like a scene from a Korean drama, healing.The delicious degree has been to the peer partners, weekend with friends to share a table to eat once.A newly opened creative southeast Asian restaurant, the environment is very comfortable, sitting in front of the restaurant dining is very comfortable.However, the overall taste of the dish needs to be strengthened, and the shrimp in Tom Yam Goong is a little bit not fresh.The other dishes were relatively conventional, too, and there were no surprises.Unfortunately, it has to go.Opened four years ago, a barbecue restaurant, the owner of the service is very warm.What impressed me most were roasted chicken feet and roasted taro. The skin of the chicken feet was scorched and the inside was full of strength and toughness, and the taste of roasted taro was also very dense.Unfortunately, as a barbecue shop, the other baked goods are normal, the seasoning is general, the whole is not particularly brilliant, hesitant, can only tearful tribute.