Poor people should be quick to find a mate, if they can’t find one, they should be quick to get money

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Go after a woman by yourself if she’s hard to get or takes a long time to get.It’s essentially that the woman doesn’t like the man.This woman despises this man, in this commercial society, in fact, the main reason for most cases is not quite satisfied with his economic conditions.Of course the woman will say it’s not a good match.In this case, even if dead pestering rotten dozen, the final majority has no good end.More often than not, this guy invests a lot of time, energy and money, ends up being a licking dog, and it doesn’t work out.Now marriage, marriage is not the end of a man licking the dog, but the beginning of a licking dog.Licking a dog before marriage is just an appetizer.How else could the divorce rate have been so high for so many years?Is because the man has no money, no strength caused.Of course, the poor and the rich are relative, as if we ordinary people not only do not play Fan Bingbing’s idea, even if a billionaire to pursue Fan Bingbing, Fan Bingbing also have to weigh his money is not much, his high status is not high.Some licking dogs because of good luck, the woman had not looked at his economic conditions, but there was no better choice, so he had to choose him, but in this woman his heart is uneven is resentful, is dissatisfied.But when it comes to the critical moment, such as the need to buy a car and a house for marriage, high bride price, or after marriage, it is found that the man really has no ability, a fuse conflict will be aroused, and finally two people go their separate ways.But most of the lower-class men are not particularly thoughtful. When they were young in school, the teacher told them that as long as they memorized mathematical, physical and chemical formulas and memorized tang and Song poems, Classical Chinese and English words, they would be able to enter a good university.When they enter the society, they go to find an ordinary job step by step.With a salary of less than 10,000 yuan, I rent a house in a village in the city and live on a tight budget every month.So much so that when they find a partner, they always think to lick the dog, and then they can find love.And when he failed one after another, he couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t find a date.There is no one in the world to tell him what women dislike about him. His parents have been urging him to get married as soon as possible, but they can’t give him any help financially. This is the reason why a poor person can’t get rid of the single is that he often can’t get rid of poverty.It is also the sorrow of a poor man.It doesn’t take a long time, or even a year or half, to figure out whether a woman is right for you or not. It only takes a dinner or two or a date or two to figure that out.If the social experience is more sufficient, in fact, have not made an appointment, chatting online when you can judge the nine or nine out of ten.Some old leftover women, you add her wechat, you send her any message, she always reply, ah, ah, one or two words.If she talks to you a lot and is interested in you, it will probably work.As long as you can come up with a little sincerity, a little heart, basically there is no unsettled.In a word, in today’s materialistic society, it is more and more difficult for the poor to find a partner.There are 700 million men and 700 million women in China. When you can’t find one, just move on to the next one.Don’t get hung up on one tree.If you can’t find it, put your energy into making money and doing business. When you earn money, a woman will come.