The US doesn’t want to return pandas

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Plump, long round very lovely giant pandas was deeply loved by the people all over the world the giant panda is not only China’s “national treasure” or sino-foreign friendship messenger and bridge to promote the cultural exchange and cultural exchanges to the Japanese people to see a woeful giant panda gave birth to the “real” two twins “xiaoxiao” and “bud bud is not only to participate in” than Shanghai card on the lottery and nearly 20 times more difficult”Bing Dwen Dwen”, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, also caused a stir in Japan by queuing up at 5am for about a minute’s viewing timeLeft left left the lovely panda’s popularity is down to a permanent with these small cute American house republicans plan put forward amendment scheme will be born in the United States of the pandas in the United States, rather than returned to China on February 2, fox news reported, south Carolina house republicans Nancy mace on February 1, said in a statement,”Pandas born in the Us should stay in the US.”Mace’s goal is to include the amendment in the America Competes Act, which is designed to help the United States stay ahead of competitors in science and technology.Currently, three zoos in the United States have pandas on loan from China:On February 19, 2021, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a regular press briefing that at present,China and Japan, the United States, Austria, Thailand, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Britain, France, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, Finland, Denmark, Russia and other 18 countries in 22 a zoo giant panda protection and research cooperation, these protection cooperation research to promote the Chinese and foreign academic exchanges in the field of endangered species protection,The level of conservation research has been improved and species protection has been strengthened.Before 1982, Pandas were sent abroad as “state gifts” to show goodwill and promote friendship, Xinhua reported earlier.However, China stopped sending pandas to other countries out of consideration for the protection of pandas and the long-term reproduction of the species.China Wildlife Conservation Association and international animal protection organizations, through research, reached an agreement that is still in use today: China will send a pair of healthy and fertile pandas abroad for a 10-year cooperative study, with a view to better care for pandas overseas and protect the species.Today, China’s “overseas” pandas are on loan.According to China’s panda loan regulations, pandas born overseas must be returned to China within four years.In 2017, Xinhua News Agency published a refuting report by BBC and other foreign media on China’s panda loan.The BBC and other foreign media have questioned China’s “monopoly” of pandas. For example, panda cubs born on the leased land belong to China and must be sent back to China.According to the lease, foreign countries have every right to renew the panda cubs, xinhua said, adding that many countries had opted out because of the high cost of raising the cubs, not because of China’s “mandatory requirements”.What’s more, panda cubs become independent after the age of two and must be separated from their parents, otherwise they may be mutually exclusive.In addition, there is a lack of panda populations in other countries, and the cubs need to return to China to participate in a breeding program when they become adults in order to better reproduce.-END- This article editor | small door ear news source | (reporter Nan Bo yi) point to share