Xiangtan Lighting Department decorated with lanterns to create a thick “New Year flavor”

2022-06-30 0 By

The night is not ended Decorating light as day light department to build the thick “hit” xiangtan online Jan. 28 (xiangtan daily reporters Wu Shan) in the year of the tiger getting closer and closer to the Spring Festival, to create a happy and peaceful holiday atmosphere, January 25, xiangtan urban management enforcement lighting management office opened, the Spring Festival atmosphere build workThe streets and alleys are covered with decorated light boxes with a full flavor of the New Year.City chengguan law enforcement bureau lighting management office in the construction of the intersection of the Junzi Lotus Square placed spring lighting modeling is very festive.(Photo by Fang Yang) As the Spring Festival approaches, red has become the most eye-catching background color in the streets and alleys of Liancheng. Under the orange street lamps and outside the busy shops, a touch of Chinese red can be seen everywhere, bringing warmth to passers-by.The festival atmosphere to create red as the theme, lighting management in Wenxingmen Road, Hunan South Road, Yuhu road and other sections of the LED light box hung “congratulations on the New Year”, “good luck in the Year of the Tiger”, construction south Road, Xiangtan Avenue and other sections of the hanging festive red lanterns, Hedong Avenue along the installation of red “Chinese knot”,Construction intersection of the junzi Lotus square and other important nodes to display the spring lighting lighting sketches, novel and distinctive shape.Wenxingmen Road, Yuhu road on both sides of the installation of “happy New Year” “auspicious year of the Tiger” LED light box dress up the streets.(reporter Fang Yang photo) Up to now, lighting management office Spring Festival atmosphere to create work is still in full play, staff said, will overcome the recent low temperature rain freezing weather and other adverse factors, speed up the installation and debugging, is expected to be completed before January 29.At that time, walking in the streets of Liancheng, the night is brilliant with lights, colorful, a touch of red to create a thick flavor of the New Year, showing the new atmosphere of the New Year.>> Return to xiangtan online home page