Yunnan Tobacco Business and Yunnan Hongta Bank jointly take various measures and innovate to open a new situation of “zero integration of industry and commerce” in cigarette sales

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In recent years, fluctuations in global tobacco products have declined, and the impact of the epidemic on production, processing, logistics and transportation has continued to intensify.At the same time, due to the impact of tobacco control actions, COVID-19, the development of new tobacco products and other factors, global cigarette sales are slowly declining.Faced with the objective reality that the global tobacco control trend continues to tighten, Yunnan Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Administration (Company) and Hongta Bank and other units have implemented a number of innovative measures to open up a new situation of “zero financing for industry and commerce” in cigarette sales.Overall, under the impact of economic downturn and COVID-19, the tobacco market in Yunnan will continue to expand and expand in 2021.Among them, the incremental improvement of the new cigarette category, the sales of the city and city market remained stable, the income of cigarette merchants (tobacco customers of Hongta Bank) was stable and improved, and the overall market in Yunnan maintained a steady development trend.The main person in charge of the tobacco Sales Management Department of Yunnan Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Administration (Company) introduced that the party leadership group of yunnan Provincial Bureau (Company) attaches great importance to the smooth operation and development of the tobacco market in the province, and has mainly taken four measures to consolidate the foundation of high-quality development of the market.Adhere to customer voluntary, steady implementation.Fully respect the wishes of customers, ensure that customers know the relevant standards and operation requirements of cigarette retail terminal construction, and voluntarily contribute to the transformation and upgrading.According to the requirements of “convenient purchase, comprehensive coverage, optimal layout and moderate competition”, the terminal construction plan is scientifically formulated, the terminal construction schedule is clearly defined, and the terminal construction is actively and steadily promoted and implemented step by step.Adhere to strict standards, quality first.The law-abiding integrity of selection and evaluation of terminal building as the object of the first standard, strictly regulate the terminal construction investment management, strictly implement brand terminal service standards, strict brand terminal operation quality, insist on a fair and just in the process of terminal construction, strict management, do the information open, equality of opportunity, and service fairness and result justice.Adhere to data marketing, optimize services.Continue to carry out the construction of cigarette marketing big data platform, and strive to build a new model of “Internet + marketing” with the connotation of “data-driven, platform operation, terminal upgrade, and team empowerment”, to drive the zero-finance business chain of industry and commerce, realize the double upgrade of service and terminal, and promote the reform of cigarette marketing quality, efficiency and power.We must uphold the guidance of Party building and serve society.Leading the business with party construction, to help the poor as a starting point, practical solutions for the masses.For the entire province disabled, mishaps, elderly and infirm, veterans such as group of life there is a big difficult retail customers, formulate specific support plan, do, “one household one file” on the province difficult retail customer support related guidance, carry out to improve operating conditions, professional training guidance, financial credit targeted support etc.Do practical and good things for retail customers in difficulty, highlight the social responsibility of the tobacco industry.Introducing financial living water power province tobacco business authors’ income in recent years, yunnan hongta banking innovation a variety of financial products and services, adhere to a wire service, door-to-door service, personalized service and the pragmatic concept, by introducing the yue credit loan product, giving sweep yards single equipment, 24 hours online remind work methods, such as smoke, really benefiting, cigarette maker’s praise and praise.Provide 24-hour online reminder service to ensure successful order of cigarettes.”Hello, the system check shows that your bank card order balance is insufficient.Please make up your order in time to ensure the success of the order “.On the night of January 1, 2022, the phone of Zhou Zipeng, a tobacco merchant in Xiaobanqiao Village, Guandu District, Kunming, suddenly rang. Knowing that he might fail to deduct cigarettes for the day due to the insufficient money ordered by his mobile bank card due to the misoperation of his mobile bank card, he made up the money for cigarettes by mobile phone transfer in time, ensuring that the system deducted the money and ordered cigarettes successfully in the morning.In this regard, Zhou Zipeng said that the 24-hour online reminder provided by Hongta Bank for cigarette booking business has ensured the success of cigarette booking and profit. Such service is very heart-warming.It is reported that the above service is the exclusive service for cigarette merchants launched by Hongta Bank in December 2021. The staff of the bank will be on duty 24 hours a day during the cigarette ordering season.After checking through the work system of the bank and finding the insufficient balance of the money ordered by the cigarette dealer, timely remind the cigarette dealer to make up the money to avoid business fluctuations.The complimentary scanning code receiving equipment helps cigarette merchants to realize 100% real time receipt of cigarette sales revenue.According to relevant regulations, starting from March 1, 2022, wechat and Alipay personal payment codes will not be able to be used for business payment.In this regard, starting from December 2021, Hongta Bank will launch a special activity of “Benefiting Tobacco merchants” to all tobacco merchants in the province.Through door-to-door for cigarette retailers to provide card opening, loans and other financial services, hongta Bank to cigarette merchants as a gift of 500 yuan worth of scanning ball, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code cards and sound and other complete equipment.After buying cigarettes, consumers scan the QR code card through their mobile phones to pay, and the corresponding fees can be transferred to the merchant’s bank card in real time.A number of merchants reported that previously through Alipay and wechat qr code payment, cash withdrawal needs to pay 1/1000 of the handling fee.Now through scanning code, cigarette money to the account in real time, without any handling fee, really bring benefits.Sun Xisheng, customer manager of industrial finance Department of Hongta Bank, also said that since the bank purchased code scanning equipment at its own expense and launched the special activity of “Benefiting tobacco merchants”, the bank’s tobacco merchants customers have increased from more than 2,000 before the event to more than 15,000 at present, realizing the effective coverage of tobacco merchants customers in the province.”Xiang Yue Dai” series of products effectively help cigarette manufacturers to expand production scale, reduce operating costs and increase profits.In recent years, Hongta Bank has launched xiangyue Loan A and B products to cigarette retail households.Among them, Xiangyue Loan B takes cigarette retail customers’ cigarette ordering and payment as the scenario, takes cigarette retail customers’ cigarette ordering orders as the loan application conditions, and uses the loan funds as the cigarette ordering money to pay to the account of the tobacco company in real time, thus solving the problem of cigarette ordering failure caused by insufficient account balance.At the same time, loan customers using Xiangyue Dai product B can enjoy a 7-day interest-free preferential policy, loan funds can be returned as borrowed, reducing the cost of loan funds for cigarette retail households.In this regard, Kunming City Xishan Haikou town tobacco merchant Zhang Wenzheng said, before to the bank to do loans, need to issue identity certificates, licensing certificates and other materials, back and forth need two or three days.After using Hongta Bank “Xiang Yue Dai”, you can operate the loan in 10 minutes on your mobile phone.Moreover, hongta Bank has a high loan limit and a seven-day repayment interest-free period. After the loan, the inventory of cigarettes in shops has nearly doubled, and the sales income has also increased significantly.According to the relevant person in charge of the industrial finance Department of Hongta Bank, by the end of 2021, Xiangyue Loan has granted credit to nearly 40,000 customers, with the loan balance exceeding 1.8 billion yuan, effectively solving the actual problem of the difficult operation capital turnover of cigarette retail households.Will be comprehensive ShiCe laying solid foundation tobacco market high quality development in yunnan province tobacco monopoly bureau (company), party secretary, director, general manager of yunnan hongta bank co., LTD., secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board of directors guang-lin li pointed out that by opening the new situation that the cigarette sales “zero” for industry and commerce, 2021 yunnan tobacco commercial enterprise continuous optimization of improving the quality of customer service,Efficiently respond to customer service needs, and strive to promote the integrated and coordinated development of urban and rural marketing networks. The market maintained a good state throughout the year, resulting in nearly 500,000 jobs.From the analysis, the economic work conference of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee on December 30, 2021 emphasized that the economy of Yunnan province presents five stage characteristics: “stacking period of strategic opportunities, accumulation potential energy burst period, pressure period of economic operation, critical period of kinetic energy upgrade, and period of frequent occurrence of risks”.From the perspective of Yunnan cigarette market itself, in recent years, the market continues to expand and upgrade, the development achievements are relatively rich, and the status of Yunnan tobacco business system in the overall market of tax and profit has been improved.However, there are still shortcomings in tobacco marketing in Yunnan market, which are mainly reflected in the need for further market-oriented reform, the difficulty of continuous expansion, the pressure of structural improvement, the profitability of retail customers still need to be consolidated, and the lack of marketing digital innovation. There is still a gap between the comprehensive realization of high-quality development.In this regard, industry insiders pointed out that in 2022, Yunnan tobacco business will take a number of measures to consolidate the basis for high-quality development of the market.First, we worked hard to improve market regulation.Unify the whole province cigarette marketing “chess game” regulation thought, improve the supply of goods in time, space, structure of the balance and matching degree, to achieve a slightly tight balance of market supply and demand and stable state.Second, steadily improve the sales structure, coordinate and deal with the dialectical relationship between structural improvement and low-price cigarette supply, integrate industrial and commercial enterprises and retail terminal brand cultivation resources, to ensure the steady and healthy improvement of yunnan market structure.The third is to speed up the construction of retail terminals, improve the control of retail channels as the focus of marketing high-quality development, by finding the gap between Yunnan and advanced units outside the province, follow the trend to speed up the short board.In the next step, Yunnan market will strengthen the circulation service brand of “Yunxiang Impression”, promote the construction of retail credit system, credit mutual aid group, rural network and other aspects, and guide the transformation of traditional stores to digital stores with the characteristics of “three aspects”, including whole commodity scanning code, whole mode of payment and whole store management.Fourth, to improve the quality of cigar market development, rules and regulations to start the construction of cigar sales platform.Yunnan net correspondent Xiao Lin Qugannian Wei Cansheng photography