Ishii town held a leading party history education thematic democratic life

2022-07-01 0 By

In the morning of February 11, ishii town held a leading party history study education thematic democratic life.District commission for discipline inspection, district committee dispatched shijing town party history study education steering group related comrades to guide.Prior to the meeting, ishii town, focusing on the theme, the thorough study appreciate xi new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party’s spirit of the sixth plenary session of the nineteenth, solid foundation for heart-to-heart talks, widely listen to Suggestions, combined with their own work earnestly analyze the leadership team members, writing control check material, for a special democratic life laid a good foundation.On the meeting, the representative team of the secretary of the Party Committee of the town of Stone well makes a comparative inspection, seriously checks out the problem, deeply analyzes the causes, and makes clear the direction of rectification.The members of the leading groups were individually checked for criticism and self-criticism.In the comments, the steering group pointed out that the thematic democratic life will be closely related to the theme, combined with reality, full preparation before the meeting, serious and sincere mutual criticism, rectification measures pragmatic and effective, the overall atmosphere of unity and harmony.We should take this democratic meeting as a new starting point, and the results of our work in 2021 as the foundation and driving force for the next step.Team members should improve their political standing, adhere to the deep understanding of learning and combination of learning and application;We need to strengthen our sense of responsibility to improve people’s well-being. We need to shoulder our responsibilities well on the basis of our clear responsibilities. We need to be a leading official who is good at fighting and taking actions.To strengthen the style of discipline, do careful thinking, earnest action, strict discipline, and effectively transform the results of the meeting into a powerful driving force to promote ishii high-quality development.