Not self-restraint, two appropriate, lonely clouds wild crane wind is always poetry

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Want to know more wonderful content, quick to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art is not self-contained, two appropriate, lonely cloud wild crane wind is always poetry.And qingming, low days uneven road, to write autumn without good sentences, high water far total guan qing.Qiuhao write spirit, from pingting, lingyunzhi to frost deceit does not change shape.Rain wind sad vegetation, fog cover wild goose flying south, qiuhao dip as high as I return.Tall tree without wind flower pieces fall, qiuhao intentional ink mark dry, cloud deep not see spare jasper cold.Picture qi, tall tree red maple reflecting pond, sky blue landscape show, wind light rain fine willow.Qiao diameter without cloud moss color old, fishing village has rain rice flowers, with high eyes far away, a piece of autumn write big waste.The dream haunts the mist and clouds, and the mountain is free and unfettered.Palace jade people, fairy free and unfettered sky set off, the world of mortals a dream drunk Yao Tai.Verdant birds xiao Fei, ripples fish play chase, yundanfeng light wanli dream.Another year, fog disperses clear sky, free and unfettered life road, water far mountain high lets me sleep.I am a free and unfettered fairy, water far do not know years, yunshu fog coil flowers do not have a day.Sing endlessly, free and unfettered spring and Autumn, break the fog lingxiao Han, good dream come true any stay.Free and unfettered hua Nian, shui Fu Mountain heavy road thousands, yundanfeng light body healthy dream soul circle.Autumn clouds rise early and come late to sleep, when the water rises in the pond, the joy is endless.To the hometown, see the sky, free and unfetteredworld mountain qingsheng fairy.Vast unreal also true, comfortable not touching dust, canoe leaf is vaguely old.Free world outside, idle sing lonely fog disperses clear square good, the dream is vaguely hometown.River’s lake wind and rain road, cloud disperses to see sunny day, free and unfettered mountain high let me sleep.Water blue sky blue willow new, free and easy a idle person, the clouds scattered scenery is good, jiangnan is spring in the dream.I do not know years, shui Fu mountain road thousands of wind shu heaven and earth wide, life a dream between jokes.Cloud shadow sky light unreal also true, the world of mortals dream a few rounds, a river flow east, and do free and unfettered people.Vaguely is the old year, the clouds dispersed sunny days, free and unfettered mountain high as I sleep.The water is wide, the sky is high, and the clouds are scattered.Boat xiao nature, shuguang mountain cloud light heart comfortable, dream vaguely to the edge of the day.Faintly hear laughter, fog disperses to see new clear, free and unfettered world mountain green ren I.Festive harvest grain full, farmers courtyard wine fragrance, the wind blowing rice acacia wanli long.Xiao Xiao Lang, is fragrance, farmyard song xi Full cang.Rice fragrance ten miles long, melodious flute rhyme, farmyard harvest grain full.Do not understand the plough, fruit pressure branches low, distant smell of dogs barking startled birds, rice fragrance across the stream.May golden autumn courtyard vegetable flowers, the wind blowing rice acacia wanli long.Remote recall that year chizi heart, rice xi Denglin, farm yard cang surplus laughing frequency.Fragrance drunk sunset, hometown chrysanthemum yellow, farmyard harvest grain full.Golden autumn, leisurely travel, the wind blowing rice in that year.Rice fragrance and autumn, distant hometown how much sorrow, farmyard full granary hoard.Grain full warehouse, small courtyard osmanthus fragrance, golden rice field huang Can, remote send acacia into dreamland.Courtyard cauliflower yellow, like to see the golden autumn grain full, send acacia rice and fragrance.Look at the horizon wild goose line, rice in the field is fragrance, small courtyard smoke from cooking, laughing song celebrate mancang.Golden autumn jiao, the sky is the most happy harvest scene, grain full of laughter floating.For a long time wandering, like to see the full fruits open, acacia thousands of miles away, harvest rice to wait for you.Autumn rain stretching grain mancang, farm yard cauliflower yellow, jinfeng send cool rice ripe, send distant phase Siming moonlight.Yao recall that night weiyang, rice is fragrance in the field, farmyard overflowed with joy.Golden rice incense, remote smell flute courtyard smoke, festive harvest grain full.Song shengshi, spring call shenzhou, good king you must remember, grain harvest in the top.At present, the harvest beaming high, wanli with celebration, harmonious shengshile.Happy shengshixi yan, China thousands of days, the four seas five lakes in the boundless joy.Autumn October jiangshanjing more secluded, like to see shenzhou Shengshizhan romantic.China thousands of days, Shengshixi unprecedented, harvest in all hours of the moon circle.Bosom friend song shengshi, wine every old friend drunk Shenzhou, a good harvest in the top.Xi To crazy, joy boundless, China thousands of years altogether lift corvee.Night, partings, good harvest in the eyes of the world.Beaming Yang, Jingmei rice flowers, the earth good spring, prosperous harmonious rush off.Friends play good scenery, wine every old friends harvest, the earth sing endlessly.China has qiqiuye, every spring, like to see the harvest picturesque scenery often new.Happy in the heyday of flowers, thousands of miles of freedom, the four seas and five lakes is the most beautiful harvest.Happy, good scenery heart music is not tired, China with celebration, Taiping Shengshi Fu new poetry.Climb to enjoy the scenery in the peak, grain harvest in front of us, happy to see the new atmosphere of Shenzhou, happy to enjoy the day of yao Shengshi.Thousands of miles of China beaming even, good harvest harvest moon circle.Flourishing spring breeze, happy to see the five lakes in China are good scenery, the harvest in the hope of endless joy.Just see harvest music, and every spring scenery yan, happy to see Shenzhou Sheng Shi Song Yao day.The first floor, shengshijing romantic harvest in the hope of the people’s joy, good scene must also be the masses zhireward.Happy to meet the prosperous times and the New Year, China for the old yan, Wanli Jiangshan joy boundless in sight.Flowers fang, wanli Jiangshan floating fragrance, thousands of red fight douyan, poetic drunk spring.A single show accounted for the spring, a riot of red makeup, only the dark fragrance wither to leave fang.Fragrance floating soul dream stay, don’t say spring full of purple branches.Contend for Fang Yan, send fragrance, colorful four seasons win spring.Infinite drunk visitors, thousands of red scenery new, the wind sent a wisp of incense consignment really.Wanzi is at that time, infinite spring fragrance where to go, who knows.Plum blossom vomit fragrance, ice flesh jade bone dou Cold fang, spring and qianhong Ren er crazy.Dongfeng night dyed fang dust, a few wisps of incense jing dream soul, colorful fight gorgeous, spring infinite drunk visitors.Second open, a thousand purple ren Jun cut, floating bee butterfly dance, a ray of fragrant soul dream.Thousands of purple is in profusion, see no one in spring, a wisp of incense where to find, peach tree drunk fang soul.Floating a curtain dream, shuying cross full hospital Fang, mo spring wanzi chapter.A ray of soul floating month wandering, the spring call not back.The four seasons good spring, a riot of red incense drunk, poetic painting full of ting Fang.Wanzi race romantic, a look at the spring, thin shadow fragrance in the branches.No one to admire, jade bone ice muscle spit fang, not with spring wanzi dou yan Shuang.Soak up the warm wind, small bridge east, colorful spring is another thick.Infinite spring in the eyes, ten thousand purple mu east wind, fragrance floating fang soul into the screen.Always empty, not the same as the old, a wisp of fragrance with the wind, into fang Soul in the dream.Dark fragrance and shadow ice muscle spit fang, don’t say spring wanzi garden busy.A ray of fang soul dream, floating hazy month, another thick spring.Spring, wanzi race romantic, incense floating gently shake how soft.New eyes, drunk visitors, fragrance floating fang soul dream pro.Fragrance floating moon dusk, jade bone ice muscle fang garden, all spring wanzi drunk universe.Less bosom friend, incense where to find, all lonely, spring infinite intoxicating heart.Crow willow dance with the wind, clear water spring tide with high waves, a thousand charming music source.Cold plum outside the wall spit fragrance, jiao Rui shy dark send incense, until the spring tide ground up, Warbler 100 warble Huazhang.Shaming does not dye dust, lingbo fairy surging flower qianshu, wake up people in the dream of huang Ying.From the spring tide, a few huang Yingsing Liuzhao, peach blossom just open, branches of powder noodles for who jiao.– Zheng Huixian original Art #