Application of shandong professional film greenhouse in modern agriculture

2022-07-02 0 By

Is gradually increasing in recent years, state support for agriculture, with the rapid development of modern agriculture and promote the development of a large number of agricultural equipment, including greenhouses, speaking of shed a lot of people impression or film greenhouses, qingzhou xingchuang said, head of greenhouse films due to its obvious advantages in greenhouse was gradually became a new choice.In greenhouse film belongs to a kind of greenhouses, it broke the space environment of crop growth and regional restriction, and in the process of using film in greenhouse is the service life is longer, qingzhou xingchuang had greenhouse greenhouse is widely applied in the three-dimensional cultivation, scientific research seedling, ecological restaurant, leisure, sightseeing, etc. Various scenarios.What are the advantages of membrane greenhouse compared with traditional greenhouse?Qingzhou Xinchuang greenhouse responsible person gave us a simple introduction: 1, thin film greenhouse space closed, for crops to provide a relatively stable growth environment, not affected by cold and warm climate and rain and snow, drought and flood, so that crops to achieve the best yield.2. The biggest advantage of the film greenhouse built by Qingzhou Xinchuang is beautiful appearance, high-end atmosphere, and stronger ability to fight natural disasters.3, film greenhouse structure is stable, long service life, and the internal structure is simple, suitable for mechanized operation, greatly liberating the labor force.Shandong wide media All media Center small make up to learn that Qingzhou Xinchuang greenhouse is located in the beautiful scenery, historical and cultural city of qingzhou, one of shandong qingzhou, set greenhouse engineering and steel structure design, production, installation, sales in one, can be tailored according to customer needs, widely praised!(Shandong Media Promotion editor: Guo Lei, Sun Qiang)