Brilliant! Brilliant!Guo Jingfei, Ren Min and Wang Yuan released a special episode to deduce brilliant youth together

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On April 1, in Huizhou, Guangdong province, the original youth inspirational life drama brilliant! Brilliant!Filming for the formal (hereinafter referred to as the “bright”), the show by perfect world film Li Zheng studio tour, youku, people’s production, total producer Li Zheng, hu can be, producer Wu Zhifei, director han day, Su Haoqi joint director, screenwriter Zhao Xia surplus for the senior team, Guo Jingfei, Ren Min starring, hanah guest star,Xu Shiyue, Liu Xiaobei, He Liao Luyun, Zhao Yunzhuo, Lu Qi, Kong Ran and other actors starring.It is understood that the film was started in April 2019 the development of the original screenplay and a large number of field interviews across the country, in order to help the plot of the original display, the whole process “brilliant” team paid a lot of energy and effort, after the preparation of more than 1000 days to go into production in December 2021, and filming for the complete in April.Brilliant focuses on a group of ordinary high school seniors with dreams.Around their relationship with classmates, teachers, and parents launched a section of love and hope chapter, actively convey the “guard the original heart, brave dream” philosophy.Filming for the filming for the day, it released a special, recorded the “brilliant” behind the scenes to shoot the story and the set of laughter both tears, blood high burning bright moment, special a majority of Internet users by the attention and interest, call “to see”, at the same time the actors and senior team have also celebrate and are looking forward to seeing “brilliant” in the screen as soon as possible.Pushes the special smile with tears Artists create brilliant youth with all new generation actor “brilliant” tells the story of mavericks played by Guo Jingfei teachers and played by Ren Min hanah, etc, high three students two-way redemption youth trip, the former on teaching jobs I find myself teaching ideal, the latter in the youth of confusion, and self and family settlement channel to find their own dreams,In the words of director Han Tian, “The play is actually a process of finding love.”As you can see from the final episode, the storyline is both realistic and dramatic.On the one hand, each character is faced with practical issues such as life decisions, family of origin and self-identity.On the other hand, the blood and high fire of youth with friends and shared responsibility are also very touching, and the full emotional sense makes people eyes hot.In addition, the special episode also records the behind-the-scenes work of the brilliant cast and the cast, as well as the shooting sidelights.The production team and the director group strictly control the quality of the work, and the shooting teams of all departments work together, regardless of the hot sun or rainy night, adhere to the professional spirit, and strive to present the best shooting effect, very dedicated.And Guo Jingfei, Ren Min, Wang Yuan and other actors in the set also often tacit understanding funny, funny, common experience of the process of taking drama sour, sweet, bitter, hot interpretation of this section of laughter with tears, happy feeling of blood inspirational life drama.It perfectly conforms to producer Wu Zhifei’s presupposition of the play: “To get along like true friends, this play is done.”More than 1,000 days of preparation, more than four months of filming condensation sincere efforts from “Brilliant” team building, script writing, to the selection of actors and other stages, fully after more than 1,000 days of careful preparation, which undoubtedly reflects the respect and sincere attitude towards the work.In terms of team, the producer is Li Zheng Studio of Perfect World Film & Television;Han Tian as director, Su Haoqi as co-director;The scriptwriter is Zhao Haying, who wrote “Suddenly this Summer” and “The Best of you in the world”.Such golden team configuration, in the words of Xie Ying, general manager of Youku drama Center, is “to lay a good foundation for the quality of brilliant drama.”In the original script writing stage of the series, As Brilliant executive producer Li Zheng said in the closing episode:”I think the best script is real, it is reality”, the writers Zhao Xia surplus has seen the original spirit, therefore the thorough exchange, and high school teachers and students reality feel high school multiple folding side of life, and will be in the face of the campus, between teachers and students in the future, family, life and so on many questions, mix together the full and realistic to reflect the play of “self-help” life temperament,He is an excellent practitioner of original works.Hu Ke, producer of Youku Drama Center, also agrees with such an original attitude, saying sincerity, emotional resonance and professionalism are the main factors that move audiences.In the selection of actors, Guo Jingfei played Hao Nan, no matter wearing a casual style of flower shirt or professional style of the senior three teacher image, are very suitable for the role, temperament switch can be said to “handle properly”;Ren Min and Wang Yuan as the senior three students is also full of youthful feeling, a traditional high school uniform on the body will immediately pull people back to school time;At the same time, the leading actors Xu Shiyue, Liu Xiaobei, He Liao Luyun, Zhao Yunzhuo, Lu Qi, Kong Ran and other young actors are also very fit with the role image in the script.In addition, there are a number of industry old drama bone to join the play, for the “brilliant” drama quality escort, looking forward to.So far, the TV series Brilliant! Brilliant!Successful completion, the drama is about to enter the tense post-production process, after the completion of production will be online Youku.At that time, I hope the audience can also follow the role in the play into this brilliant journey of youth and blood, and can understand that there are various ways to succeed, as long as they find a really suitable for their own path, every child will have a different brilliant life, realize their own value, achieve a better life.Pursue dream future, brilliant life, please look forward to!Source: Ynet