Folktale: The blacksmith and the needle

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The story happened in the Qin Dynasty, lingfeng county, there was a blacksmith named Huang Shuwang, this man is skilled, solid materials, quick and good work, people near and far like to find him to work.In order to reward customers, Huang shuwang made a promise that no matter how far away, as long as the product problems, he will come to the door to deal with, and it proved that he was not empty talk.Mr. Huang often took time off to deal with the after-sale problems of these products, and before long he was all over Lingfeng County, getting a lot of tan.Even so, Huang shuwang still sticks to his promise and goes around to provide after-sales service for his products. However, as time goes by, his products rarely go wrong, and huang shuwang has fewer opportunities to travel around.After a period of accumulation, Huang Shuwang gained high popularity and funds, and soon began to expand wantonly. Within half a year, he became the leader of the local blacksmith industry.After becoming the leader, Huang Shuwang gradually began to feel difficult, he found his former partners, let them help him run the name of the shop, who knew that this run went wrong.Once, one of Huang shuwang’s sub-shops received a large order. When it came time to deliver the goods, the blacksmith shop handed over all inferior goods. The customer flew into a rage and demanded an explanation from the shop.Huang Shuwang received the news, immediately rushed to the scene, he let the guest under a new order, by the head shop to do a free to the guest, the guest will stop.Huang Shu hopes to begin to prepare the future affairs of the person in charge of the branch, encountered trouble however.Originally, Huang Shuwang’s old friend usually with a daughter LiuRuyu life, Huang Shuwang is ready to find LiuRuyu to discuss the fate of friends, but found that how can not find LiuRuyu.Helpless, Huang Shuwang had to bury his old friend first, and continue to look for Liu Ruyu.God pays off, three months later, Huang Shuwang finally got the news of Liu Ruyu.He immediately left the business to another friend of his, and set off on his way to look for Liu Ruyu. When he was halfway there, it began to rain heavily.Huang shuwang looked around and found a deserted house not far away. He immediately ran to shelter from the rain.When they reached the deserted house, Huang lit a fire and dried his clothes.The warm flames made Huang feel sleepy when the front door was pushed open and a wet woman came in. Huang turned his horse around, not to look at her.Before long, after drying her clothes, the woman walked toward Huang shuwang and threw herself directly into his arms. Huang shuwang tried to break away, but felt a pain in his waist. When he looked down, a silver needle stuck in his waist, making him unable to move.Huang Shuwang be frightened and change color, did not resist ability however, can only allow a woman one palm one palm of take out in his face, not long, after the woman take out tired, ask Huang Shuwang can know who she is.Huang Shuwang was confused and asked who the woman was. The woman said that she was Liu Ruyu.Huang Shuwang more confused, asked Liu Ruyu why to start their hands, Liu Ruyu cold hum, ask Huang Shuwang can remember how her father died.Huang Shuwang told LiuRuYu LiuRuYu his father’s death, after LiuRuYu repeatedly shook his head, said to her father the real cause of death, because Huang Shuwang opened the shop, they in order to be able to make a product to make the customer satisfied, secretly will good raw materials replace in her father’s shop, this led to the tragedy behind, after things happen, Huang Shuwang to guests,She didn’t even think to avenge her father.Then she would run away from home, find a master to learn art, and release their own news, lead Huang Shuwang to come, and ready to revenge his father.Huang Shuwang let LiuRuyu a little peace not rash, and said he was indeed negligent of this, he let LiuRuyu put himself back, he will give her father justice.Liu Ruyu hesitated or promised Huang Shuwang, Huang Shuwang took Liu Ruyu back to Lingfeng County, the few or Liu Ruyu father scum all sent to the county government, successfully for Liu Ruyu’s father to clear the injustice.Later, in order to repay Huang Shuwang, Liu Ruyu promised to be Huang shuwang’s wife. The couple closed all the smithy shops and began to travel in rivers and lakes together. They became an enviable couple of fairies.