Grandpa found his grandson is not like family, to do paternity test, who knows the children and grandchildren are not biological cases

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In the autumn of 2013, 62 – year – old and old shen Lao zhang is the park under the big ye the chess, two people play chess here has a number of years, the level of chess is about the same, but uncle shen Lao zhang today played no strike back, that’s not the normal levels, Lao zhang careful shen big ye see at a glance the Lao zhang is wrong today.Then he asked Lao Zhang if there was something wrong with him. Facing his old friend’s question, Lao Zhang heaved a deep sigh and then expressed his annoyance. It turned out that just a few days ago, Lao Zhang’s son, Xiao Zhang, was quarreling with his daughter-in-law, Xiao Li, and Xiao Zhang suddenly said that his son, Xiao Long, did not look like him.However, as the child grew up, Lao Zhang gradually noticed that the child did not look like Xiao Zhang. As Xiao Zhang said this, Lao Zhang became suspicious. After careful observation for several days, Lao Zhang suddenly found that his grandson did not look like him either.It made him wonder if the grandson was a descendant of the Old Zhangs.But he could not directly press Xiaoli bar, so he has been troubled by this matter.Shen thought it was a big deal, so he suggested that Lao Zhang do a genetic test with his grandson. Wouldn’t you know the truth then?Lao Zhang listened to a clap thigh, how early did not think of this method, nothing trouble for so long.Shen then said that his daughter-in-law was working in a kinship identification agency and could arrange for him tomorrow. So the next day, Zhang quietly took his grandson xiaolong to have the kinship identification done.A few days later, the result came out, and the moment he saw the appraisal report, Lao Zhang was furious. Xiao Long was really not his grandson!But soon he was silent again. The grandson had been loved by him since childhood. Now he knew that he was not his own grandson, but his affection was still there, and he was also considering whether to tell his son about this matter.If I hadn’t told Xiao Zhang, Lao Zhang couldn’t get over the difficulty. He couldn’t see his son raising someone else’s child all his life.Hesitant, Lao zhang still feel will tell xiao zhang, he didn’t want to let the son to overpay, predictably, see the appraisal report, zhang found a small beautiful, with a full stomach internal heat asked her if she was derailed, xiaoli heard a confused, although she and zhang some quarrel over the years, but she has never done anything I’m sorry xiao zhang,And xiao Zhang ran over to question her today.Therefore xiao Li does not admit, but Xiao Zhang then threw out the appraisal report, Xiao Li also felt very strange after reading, she can confirm that the child is Xiao Zhang, but why the child and Lao Zhang are not related?But before she thought more, Zhang gave her a heavy slap, but also angrily let Xiao Li with the child roll, Xiao Li’s anger also came up, Xiao Zhang this is nothing.Xiao Li asked Zhang to take a paternity test, but Zhang refused, saying that Xiao Li was stalling for time. Finally, Xiao Zhang even burst into tears, and then he left the house without looking back, and he didn’t come back for several days.After a few days of calm, Xiao Zhang asked Xiao Li for divorce.Xiao li is not willing to, once she signed the divorce agreement, that means she admitted he made a mistake, she didn’t want to refer back to a betray family stigma, but zhang is determined to divorce, even the small li to court, he thinks small beautiful misconduct, betrayal of the family, he has the right to put forward a divorce, but his evidence is that kinship Lao zhang and xiao and grant.According to the Civil Code, if one of the couple requests a divorce, the relevant organization may conduct mediation or directly file a divorce lawsuit with the people’s court.In handling divorce cases, the people’s court shall conduct conciliation;Divorce shall be granted if mediation fails if mutual affection has really broken down.Divorce shall be granted if mediation fails under any of the following circumstances :(1) bigamy or cohabitation with another person;(2) to commit domestic violence or maltreat or abandon family members;(3) they have such bad habits as gambling and drug taking that they have failed to change;(4) two years of separation due to emotional discord;(5) other circumstances leading to the breakdown of affection between husband and wife.If little dragon is not really xiao zhang’s son, his divorce proceedings request a court to big probability will support, but the court said this generation of insulation and grant the kinship is not as evidence of a family of small beautiful betrayal, if you want to prove, you will need to xiao zhang and xiao to do a paternity test, but zhang is not, the last of the wedding from into.But this family has spread, since then, zhang is like changed personal, day and night to drink in the outside, Lao zhang at grandson’s eyes became cold, and even some disgust, the small beautiful really can not stand, he took little dragon back to the bride’s family, but she still can’t accept her husband and her father-in-law for his suspicion, finally she committed suicide a hard.Fortunately, the family found in time, xiao Li sent to the hospital, she picked up a life, Xiao Zhang learned that immediately rushed to the hospital, his heart only regret at this time, he never thought xiao Li would use suicide to prove his innocence, old Zhang received a call from his son also rushed over.Looking at the comatose Xiao Li on the hospital bed, Old Zhang is full of remorse, he is very regretful, if he did not do much to do what kinship identification, they must be still good now.After a few days, small beautiful woke up finally, but after she sees the Small zhang that waits for beside, the eye is full however disappointment, small Zhang decides to do paternity appraisal finally, return small beautiful an innocent, also give oneself an account.But after the result came out, Xiao Zhang could not sit still. The paternity examination book said in black and white that Xiao Long was his own son, so the truth of the matter was only one possibility. Xiao Zhang was not Lao Zhang’s own son.Finally, he brought the two reports to Lao Zhang. After reading them, Lao Zhang understood what was happening, but the shock was too great for him. His legs gave way and he sat down on the ground, his old face becoming more haggard.Both Lao Zhang and Xiao Zhang could not accept the truth, and xiao Zhang began to distance himself from Lao Zhang on purpose.But Old Zhang even had the idea of suicide, even the funeral clothes are ready, fortunately, Xiao Li carefully, in advance found old Zhang hidden in the cupboard under the funeral clothes, after learning this matter, Xiao Zhang was scared, quickly went to find Old Zhang, he alienated old Zhang is not because he does not want to tube him, just need time to digest the recent things.So on Lao Zhang’s birthday, Xiao Zhang specially bought a cake to celebrate Lao Zhang’s birthday. Finally, the father and son got over their bad feelings. Although they were not their own, there was no difference between them and their own after so many years.Eventually the family got back together and life slowly returned to peace.In fact, family members can sit down and communicate with each other after something happens. There is no need to fight each other.