Starting sales of less than 130,000, Toyota Corolla Sharp how to choose?

2022-07-02 0 By

Toyota introduced a new model, this time a compact SUV, the Corolla Regency.This is Toyota’s new model, its positioning, product performance is how?And how should you choose to buy this car?Today xiaobian will answer for you.01. Corolla Regency is a compact car built based on TNGA architecture, with a size between Yizze and Rongfang, 4460mm.Although it bears the name of Corolla, it is quite different from the Corolla in reality. In terms of power, the whole system is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, and the rear suspension adopts torsion beam.The price range is 129,800 yuan to 169,800 yuan.From the modeling point of view, carola sharp put a little rong put the feeling, especially the overall outline and the front face modeling of high similarity.It’s just more restrained in some details and more in line with its compact product positioning.See this don’t know you will have such a question, the price of this car and yi Ze highly overlapping, FAW Toyota this is to dig their own grave?In fact, this thing is very easy to understand, before FAW Toyota launched Yizze, its market expectations are very high, after all, it is a very individual Toyota car, the price is also in the most prosperous consumer power of the entry level range, it is supposed to be a best-selling car.But in fact, the market performance of this car is very poor, the peak sales in 2021 is only a little more than 5,000 units, in the TNGA system is a drag.But the question is, how could Toyota let go of the compact so easily?On the other hand, Honda’s Binzhi and Nissan’s Xiaoke are both capable of selling more than 17,000 units per month.How can Toyota, the largest of the three Jellies, tolerate its TNGA being inferior to Earthdream in the entry-level SUV market?That’s why Carolyn is here.With the gradual advance of sharp on the market, small make up bold speculation, yi Ze will soon be “temporary” because of production capacity.02. Coming back to the product itself, what should you, or someone next to you, do if you want to buy a Corolla Amplifier?In fact, about Toyota cars, there is a configuration is all models of cost-effective choice, that is, luxury models, Corolla Sharp put is the same.For example, from this configuration, corolla Is equipped with reversing image, keyless entry, LED headlights and other practical configurations.So if you want to buy a Toyota, no matter which model, first look at the deluxe edition.Is entry-level available?In carola’s case, the answer is yes.For the pursuit of the ultimate cost performance and brand reputation of the users, the Carolera Vanguard is to let them spend a small amount of money to buy peace of mind.And the corolla Sharp all system standard equipped with L2 level driving assistance, 7 airbags and other active and passive safety features, xiaobian feel is very commendable.But!Toyota has always had a bad habit of naming and shaing. since they have L2 level driver assistance, they are willing to give up the expensive chip, why not give up a reversing radar?And LED headlights, which are basically standard features, are still missing from entry-level models.If we really understand Chinese consumers, should we be more down-to-earth about their functional demands?So is it necessary to consider the premium, or the top premium version?The advice given here is not necessary.Since corolla sharp put is the name of corolla, then in the advanced sense, functional configuration is not necessarily too good, 7 inch LCD screen, the main driving electric adjustment, imitation leather seats, 6 speakers, panoramic sunroof, electric trunk and other functions for a price of 169,800 yuan of the car, there is no bright spot at all.Also, if you have that kind of budget, you can actually bite the bullet and get a new one.In the end, we can go out on a limb and guess that sales of the Corolaris will do well in 2022, at least to reverse yizze’s decline.Do you think this car is your type?