Suyu: Better “the first lesson of school” to build a strong “protect seedlings” “firewall”

2022-07-02 0 By

In order to continue to promote the “protecting seedling 2022” special action, February 14, Suyu district “anti-pornography and illegal” joint district education bureau, will “protecting seedling · network security class” into the school “first class”, deepen youth network security education, strengthen the network “protecting seedling”, build minors healthy growth “firewall”.On the same day, more than 60,000 teachers and students from 31 primary and secondary schools in Suyu district watched a series of videos titled “Protecting miao · Network security Class” and a public welfare propaganda video titled “Protecting Miao” find 12390, realizing full coverage of primary and secondary school students’ education.Through publicity and guidance from the protection of personal privacy, stay away from bad information, prevent online fraud, refuse online bullying, resist pirated publications and other aspects, to further enhance the safety awareness and network literacy of primary and secondary school students.After the activity, each primary and secondary school carefully produced a beautiful report, in the class group display, called on students’ parents to do a good “first lesson”, work together to create a positive social and cultural environment for the growth of “seedlings”.(Liu Qiaoqiao
Gao Jun)