Unlimited account, priority arrangement!The latest notice of Employment placement for Military dependents

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In order to adapt to the new situation of China’s economic and social development and the building of national defense and the armed forces, we will implement the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of the Status and Rights and Interests of Servicemen and other laws and regulations to give preferential treatment to the employment and resettlement of servicemen’s family members.The Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and the National Leading Group Office of Double Support jointly issued a circular on Further Job Placement for Families of Soldiers accompanying the MILITARY.The circular puts forward specific measures in terms of strengthening the organization of resettlement, expanding employment security channels, improving employment and entrepreneurship support, and strengthening the implementation of work responsibilities, so as to promote the innovative implementation of employment and resettlement work for military families.The Notice further standardized the placement work of the family members of the staff of civil servants and public institutions who were attached to the army before they were attached to the army, clarified the specific requirements of the corresponding posts in similar units and suitable posts in other units by means of transfer and exchange, and improved and optimized the organization and implementation process of the work.Further perfect the other identity attribute embedded job placement security measures, clear embedded families take part in party and government organs, institutions, state-owned enterprises proposed settlement substantially (recruitment) without being limited by the condition of the permanent residence, of vertical management unit openings shall be applied to the central and local post shall give priority to arrange embedded in the system work before embedded with the family,Preferential policies for open recruitment of military civilian personnel include providing targeted recruitment for military dependents and relaxing restrictions on academic qualifications.The notice also specifically specifies the preferential measures and requirements for employment and resettlement for bereaved families of martyrs, bereaved families of servicemen who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, and family members of servicemen who have received honors of war meritorious service above second-class.According to the circular, local governments should organize special job fairs, vocational skills training and employment guidance for military families in strict accordance with regulations, increase support for military families to start their own businesses, and provide preferential services in accordance with relevant preferential policies for ex-servicemen.For family members of servicemen who meet the conditions for employment difficulties, we will actively develop public welfare jobs and provide them with subsidies and insurance benefits in accordance with regulations.The circular stressed that local governments should take the employment and resettlement work of military dependents as practical measures to support the development of national defense and the armed forces, carry forward the fine tradition of supporting military personnel and giving priority to their dependents, consolidate the responsibilities of relevant departments, mobilize the active participation of various sectors, and effectively solve the problems of the troops and officers.All units of the military should educate and guide officers and their families to have a deep understanding of the CPC and the government’s care and care, establish correct employment concepts, set reasonable employment expectations, strive to improve employment skills, and take a positive attitude to participate in employment resettlement work.In accordance with the spirit of the circular, relevant local departments should revise and improve local employment and resettlement measures for military dependents to ensure that all policy requirements are implemented.Source: Chinese ex-soldier