Xiamen metro Line 8’s new plan is very different from the previous plan, with 21 stations 30 kilometers long

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The New Year is also a very important year for xiamen metro planning and construction.According to the report of Xiamen rail transit Network (2035), Xiamen Metro Line 8 has appeared again.The new plan is a big change from the information previously exposed on Line 8.The third phase of Xiamen metro construction (2023-2028) plan exposed by netizens previously, about the two versions of Xiamen metro Line 8 1, Metro Line 8 connecting Haicang – Bendao – Xiang ‘an according to the prediction of the previous account xiamen metro circle,Metro Line 8 connects Haicang, Bendao and Xiang ‘an, and the intercity rails connecting Zhangzhou and Quanzhou are reserved.According to the previous judgment, xiamen Metro Line 8 stations from east to west are Xiang ‘an Airport Station, Caicuo Station, Pengcuo North Station, Hongkeng Station, Xiang ‘an Road Station, T4 Terminal station, Gaoqi East Station, Xiangyu Station, Wengjiao Road Station, Maluan Bay Station, and Maluan Bay South Station in sequence.2, subway line 8 from deep talent pioneer park to CAI adjacent village according to the network transmission of the ring area new town land use comprehensive planning “the plan of information, the subway line 8 for since tong ‘an talent pioneer park, the direction of the, deep new town, internal security by XiKe Town government orders, xiamen eastern conference and exhibition center, the adjacent, wang adjacent, CAI adjacent village direction.According to the latest traffic planning of the area officially released by Xiang ‘an Sports Exhibition New City, there are two specific stations of Line 8 in the underground connection map, namely sports Exhibition Station and Egret Sports Field Station (tentative name).This further confirms the direction of Line 8.Earlier exposure in the xiamen metro line 8 information earlier exposure in the xiamen metro line 8 information now, xiamen metro line 8 to the latest version of the latest exposure of xiamen metro line 8, the line completely and had previously revealed version, the new version from Amoy area adjacent to the yellow line planning reef village, haicang area.30 km, 21 site specific Settings for: yellow is adjacent to the ancient building, the former Po hub – ridge pocket – huani mountain to belt Collins, five yuan bay south – jose adjacent – Xue Ling – fang – men – recreational lake – lake park to bamboo pit, pingshan – Liu Shan – haicang large business center to haicang sports center, the south China sea road to lingang new city, green reef.The whole line series siming district, Huli district, Haicang district.Eleven of the 21 stations are transfer stations.From the point of view of the location of the station, the newly planned Line 8 is also very important. The subway connects Huangcuo. In the future, people will not have to worry about the traffic jam when they watch the Cross-strait Spring Festival fireworks.Deep huandao road rehabilitation, citizens and tourists can be more convenient to enjoy the seascape of Xiamen.By setting up qingjiao Station in Haicang District, it will be more convenient for citizens and tourists to visit Qingjiao Tzu Chi Ancestral Palace (national 4A level scenic spot).According to the route of Line 8, some netizens speculated that the map revealed the actual direction of the original Line 11.The specific lines and stations are subject to the final official approval plan. At present, there are 3 subway lines in operation in Xiamen, line 1 connecting Jimei, Line 2 connecting Haicang, Line 3 connecting Xiangan and inner Island, with a total mileage of 98.4 kilometers.On normal weekdays, the passenger flow from Monday to Thursday is about 580,000 person-times, and on Friday it can reach about 650,000 person-times.This exposure of xiamen’s third round of rail transit planning, involving the north extension section of Line 2, Line 5, Line 7 island section, Line 8, line 9 into the island section, the planning is reasonable.With the exception of Line 8, the other lines are in roughly the same direction as the earlier exposure.Do you think the route planning of Xiamen Metro Line 8 is reasonable?