A must-see destination for a Chinese New Year road trip to Dalian

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Are you interested in driving yourself?Nowadays, many people are yearning for all kinds of outdoor activities. In fact, self-driving is one of the most popular activities. So what places are suitable for self-driving in Dalian?Today xiaobian for you to reveal several beautiful scenic spots in Dalian, quickly take to collect it!oneZhongshan Square is located in Zhongshan District of Dalian city, with a total area of 22,000 square meters and a diameter of 168 meters.The square is circular and radiating, from which 10 main roads radiate in all directions.It is also called Zhongshan Music Square because it is equipped with advanced sound system and plays world-famous music regularly every day.It is one of the most famous squares in Dalian.This circular square is the intersection of ten roads, surrounded by many European buildings built 100 years ago, you can feel the flavor of foreign country.The square itself is an open green space and leisure walk, usually is a leisure place for citizens, often can be seen here to take a walk and exercise, but also specially to feed the pigeons of the young people.For tourists who like to take photos, the numerous Western architecture here is undoubtedly a good spot to visit.Tiger Beach Ocean Park Tiger Beach Ocean Park is located in the southern seashore of Dalian, which is surrounded by mountains and sea. It is not only a world of Marine animals and birds, but also a seaside scenic spot.Here you can not only go to the major exhibition hall to learn about Marine animals, enjoy the colorful underwater world.You can also take the longest cross-sea aerial cableway in China, enjoy the panoramic view of Tiger Beach and arrive at the “Bird Language Forest”, where dozens of birds such as peacocks, red-crowned cranes and egrets live, to feel the world of birds.Binhai Road binhai Road is located in the eastern and southern coastal areas of Dalian. It is the general name of Binhai North Road, East Road, Middle Road and West Road.This stretch of coastal road, with lush mountains to the north and blue sea and rocky islands to the south, is perfect for hiking and photography.Binhai Road connects mountains and seas as a whole, symbolizing the pledge of love, and is also known as “Lover’s Road”.Dalian’s annual walking convention is to walk along this beautiful seascape highway, also known as “walking road”.Also known as the scenic area of bansdo hotel, bansdo is a famous resort with the cleanest sea water and the cleanest beach in dalian city.Entering the scenic area, there is an avenue leading to the beach, with well-manicured lawns and various garden plants on both sides. It is about 20 minutes’ walk to the beach.Facing the beach, there is a small island standing in the sea about 400 meters away. It looks like a farmer’s hammer for clothes from a distance, so it gets its name.Speaking of which, are you moving on the screen?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section!If you like, please remember to click “like” + pay attention to oh!