A safety incident occurred at haomei New Material subsidiary and the casting workshop has been suspended for safety inspection

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Recently, due to the wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Exquisite special profile Co., Ltd. in the production process of an explosion accident, Haomei new material (002988) was thrust into the center of the storm.On the evening of April 5, Haomei New Material issued a notice on the incident, saying that the accident caused four deaths and one serious injury, and the injured have been sent to the hospital in time.At present, the competent government department has set up an accident investigation team, and the company has launched an emergency plan to comfort family members and deal with the aftermath.At the same time, the smelting and casting workshop of Exquisite Special material and Haomei New Material Taiji Industrial City has stopped production for safety inspection, and other production processes and plant production and operation are normal. The economic loss caused by the accident is still under statistics.As the main manufacturer of special aluminum alloy profiles under Haomei New Materials, Exquisite Special Materials has just turned a loss into a profit in 2021, with an annual net profit of 27.447 million yuan, accounting for 20% of the overall net profit of listed companies.Before Haomei New Material responded to the accident in the form of a public announcement, the official wechat “Qingcheng Release” of the Information Office of the People’s Government of Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, released a situation bulletin of the emergency management Bureau early this morning, which officially announced the general situation of the accident.According to the report, the explosion accident occurred in Qingcheng District Yuantan town, is a fine new material smelting and casting workshop no. 9 furnace in the production process caused by the accident, resulting in 4 deaths, 1 person seriously injured.According to relevant regulations, an accident involving more than three people and less than 10 deaths is considered a major accident.According to the preliminary judgment of the site, the cause of the explosion accident is that the aluminum leakage into the cooling pool during the casting process of the aluminum rod.Industry insiders said that under high temperature conditions, aluminum water and water vapor chemical reaction will produce hydrogen, when the hydrogen concentration reaches a certain proportion and encounter high temperature aluminum alloy solution, will explode.Multiple videos from the scene showed a mushroom cloud more than 10 meters high rising into the air at the time of the explosion.Hao Mei new material said that the damaged houses and equipment are mainly fine special materials casting workshop, other workshops and production processes have not been affected.At the same time, the company insured the relevant property insurance, and has reported to the insurance company.For the sudden explosion accident, Haomei new material has started the emergency plan, in the first time according to the relevant procedures reported to the relevant government departments, actively cooperate with the emergency fire department to organize rescue, investigation work.At present, the competent government departments have set up an accident investigation team, the injured have been sent to the hospital for treatment, the company has started to comfort their families and other aftermath work.As for the subsequent impact of the accident on the company, the company said that the smelting and casting workshop of exquisite Special material and Haomei New Material Taiji Industrial City has stopped production for safety inspection, and other production processes and factory production and operation are normal.At present, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation and analysis, the economic loss is still in the statistics, the company will carry out safety self-inspection self-correction, to eliminate safety risks.Just involved subsidiary profit as a new material luxe subsidiary specializes in industrial aluminum and wholly owned subsidiary of auto lightweight products, exquisite, material has been formed from the smelting, homogenization, mold design and manufacturing, hot extrusion, smoke, heat treatment, surface treatment to the industrial aluminum deep processing complete industrial chain.In 2021, with exquisite materials as the main body in the implementation of investment projects “aluminum alloy new material construction projects completed and put into operation, the new overlay downstream infrastructure and new energy automobile industry needs strong pull, exquisite won the recognition of hi-tech enterprises in the special material, and end the state of consecutive years of losses, smooth realization profit, the posted revenue of 1.935 billion yuan,Net profit of 27.447 million yuan, accounting for 35% and 20% of the total revenue and net profit of listed companies respectively.According to the official website of Exquisite special materials, the company has 10 casting production lines, annual casting capacity of 300,000 tons, 20 extrusion machine production lines, annual extrusion capacity of 200,000 tons, and has 2 fine pumping lines, vertical solid solution quenching furnace and CNC machining center CNC machine tools and other production equipment.As the accident happened in the casting workshop, the company’s casting production line is facing a wide range of production.In addition to the exquisite special materials involved in the smelting and casting workshop, Haomei new material Taiji industrial city factory area of the casting workshop has also been suspended, and simultaneous safety inspection, the resumption of production time is not known, will cause any impact on the company’s capacity has not been announced.In 2021, the production and sales volume of Haomei new Material aluminum profiles were 250,000 tons and 246,600 tons respectively, with a year-on-year increase of more than 40%.Performance, Haomei New Material 2021 operating revenue of 5.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 62.91%;Net profit was 139 million yuan, up 20.03% year on year.