Changchun fitness Park to enjoy the fun of spring sports along the kunyu River

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On a warm and pleasant spring day, walking into changchun Fitness Park, the reporter was shocked by the scene full of vitality and vitality in the park.There are dance team dancing with music, pushing the baby carriage to take the children to walk, there are rope skipping, playing athletes…The green park beside kunyu River has become a leisure and fitness resort for surrounding residents and a beautiful scenery line along the Kunyu River.Changchun Fitness Park is located under Changchun Bridge in Wanliu area of Kunyu River, from Changchun Bridge in the south to Wanquanzhuang Road in the north, covering an area of 106,000 square meters. It is the closest country park to the city center and an important node in the construction of Kunyu River ecological corridor.It is understood that changchun fitness park has been built and opened since October 1, 2007, through the protection and improvement of the environment by the Haidian District Landscaping Bureau, the transformation and promotion of the facilities, has formed a mature and stable plant community, added a lot of sports facilities and recreation sites, attracting the general public to come to fitness and leisure.The harmonious coexistence of “nature” and “movement” is reflected in the park. There are more than 16,000 trees and shrubs, and 40,000 square meters of lawn.There are four half-court basketball courts, a fitness area and a children’s playground. Citizens of different ages can find their own sports and leisure facilities in the fitness park, which reflects the harmonious coexistence of ‘nature’ and ‘sports’ in the fitness park, so that everyone can enjoy sports in the high-quality air.”Haidian District park management center changchun fitness park director Gao Bin introduced to reporters.The park also has a 550-meter fitness trail, where people can run, walk and exercise, making it the first choice for fitness enthusiasts.The notice board of healthy diet set up beside the footpath let the reporter shine at the moment: “ten thousand steps a day, eat and move two balance.”Walk along the fitness path to the center of the fitness park, the reporter saw the park with a number of activities square, the path on both sides of the basketball court and children’s play area.The park has also set up a number of hangers around the square for the public to store clothes.Dancing in the park, Ms. Pei said: “Changchun fitness park is really well built, the activity site is very large, the surrounding environment is quite good green, the air is particularly fresh, very suitable for everyone to exercise.We sisters would love to be here.”Changchun fitness park also built poems, murals, walls and other architectural sketches and well-arranged garden design, giving people a step by a scene, never tire of feeling, let people in leisure sports, more close to nature, feel the infinite vitality of nature.Gao Bin introduced, “the fitness park on the original basis, increased the flower appreciation area and a large number of ground landscape plants, make full use of the limited space in the park, and strive to create shady trees, flowers and birds landscape characteristics.We carry out fine maintenance work in the work, comprehensively improve the level of greening construction and management.Due to the park plant diversity, more need to increase the green trees and shrubs conservation efforts, currently carried out seedlings replanting, pruning, watering, fertilization, cleaning, pest control and other links and strict inspection, unqualified maintenance problems, timely rectification, to achieve fine management level.”As the weather warms up, the public will see tulips, peonies, Chinese roses and peach blossoms in the gym.Gao bin said that in the future, changchun fitness Park will continue to do a good job in the protection of the park’s ecological environment and the maintenance and management of sports facilities, to provide the public with a green ecological square for leisure, fitness and entertainment.(Reporter Xu Bin Intern reporter Zu Jiaqi)