Today a shares “differentiation” oversold rebound, this is more lure?Where will a shares go tomorrow?

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Today, A shares are affected by the Spring Festival holiday and international positive news stimulation, the three major indexes opened significantly higher, after the opening in the cycle and financial stocks under the drive of the collective high;With the index after the market into differentiation, Shenzhen index and gem index fell, the Shanghai Stock index in the stability of large-cap stocks to maintain high shock operation, the whole morning into the differentiation of the fall rebound, it is clear that the index does not rise the stock market.Midday after the opening still maintained a weak shock operation, the Shanghai Index in oil, steel and coal, as well as insurance and banking to stabilize the Shanghai index, the rest of the Shenzhen market to maintain weak operation.The whole afternoon market is very stable, more balanced, strong large-cap stocks have always maintained a high, weak stocks to maintain the bottom of the shock, all day in the collective high differentiation, the Shanghai Composite index performance fell back.Today, the three major indexes collectively ended up, with the Shanghai Composite index up 2.03%, the Shenzhen Composite index up 0.96%, and the GEM Index up 0.31%.Stocks rose the most, with 3,448 advancing stocks and 1,110 declining ones;Disk in addition to the novel coronavirus concept, aquatic products, hotel catering and media entertainment fell relatively large, most of the rest of the stocks are showing a rise, especially the oil plate, water conservancy construction and flammable ice skyrocketing, cycle stocks maintained high open high all day, local opportunities to make money.As for today a shares staged “differentiation type” oversold rebound market, it is obviously an index market, plate and stock up state, this weight index market in the end is not lure more?According to the analysis of today’s actual market, today’s very typical luring multi-type oversold rebound, specific reasons have the following two points.First: don’t look at today’s a-share market is stable, large funds are completely start large-cap stocks, shares across the board such as cycle starts, the financial sector into the differentiation, were it not for these two forces in support disk, I’m afraid today a-share eat very ugly, start super fell rebound in this way, after the Spring Festival is a big probability induced.To figure out why today’s super funds only start super market stocks, to maintain the stability of the Shanghai Composite Index?Behind the real purpose is to “face market”, the so-called face market is today’s first trading day after the Spring Festival, how also want to start a stable start.So today a shares to start the index, the biggest possibility is to lure more, in order to be large funds to take the opportunity to meet higher cash, this lure more than the fall of the rebound is not healthy, the real purpose is to lure more.Second: as a shares belong to lure more market today, belong to the face, can plate and the performance of individual stocks today, if a shares today really want to usher in retaliatory rebound, the rest of the small and medium-sized concept stocks will not be allowed to appear high low, gradually decline in shock, money is not high, completely accords with the characteristics of more lure.Subject matter although did not undertake kill fall, but a lot of stock open price becomes today highest price, enter the field on the way of low absorb bottom, do not make money eventually, besides of course a few big stock besides.Enough to show that today’s market is no profit effect, this market is not healthy, there is no meaningful market.The most obvious feature is the securities plate as an example, the securities plate is the direction of the market, if the securities do not stop falling, the whole market is not stable, before there is no stop falling stabilizing, the way of the oversold rebound are all belong to lure more market, weak rebound is playing rogue trend.Summary of today’s A share market to analyze, light pull index is face, belong to the weight of the market, there is no money effect, coupled with funds are outflow state, securities plate is still in the adjustment trend, all kinds of characteristics can explain today’s A share differentiated market is luring many, we recognize?Where will a shares go tomorrow?It is obvious that today is the world of weight stocks, small and medium-sized theme stocks all day to maintain weak shock operation, this kind of differentiated weight market is not sustainable, next will certainly be differentiated again, so it will bring a share market tomorrow.It is predicted that tomorrow a shares will appear slightly higher open, after the opening of the stock market style changes, the weight plate will be high open low end of the fall rebound, on the contrary, small and medium-sized theme stocks slightly stronger.It means that the trend of a shares tomorrow will be differentiated, the weight of weak theme stocks strong, will generally be staged to maintain stable market, but there will not be big ups and downs of the market, with small Yin and Yang as the main market.Why tomorrow a shares will maintain into differentiation, by the weight of the market into the subject stock market?In the end, there will be a weak market trend of small Yin and small Yang, mainly with the following two characteristics.First: at present, A shares have been to maintain differentiated market, such as the last trading day before the Spring Festival, the weight plate collective killing, leading to the Shanghai Composite Index unilateral decline, and today, A share large capital speculation large-cap stocks, funds will certainly transfer tomorrow, and then will enter the small and medium-sized theme stocks.At present a shares capital and sentiment are guerrilla warfare, weight and subject stocks are speculation, weight plate speculation will turn weak after a day, on the contrary, today’s subject stocks will be weak after tomorrow’s counterattack, so inferred that tomorrow a shares belong to the subject stock market.The weight plate is weak, will certainly drag the Shanghai Composite index down, today the Shanghai Composite index is just not up;Once the weight plate fall, the Shanghai Composite Index will weaken, the strong theme stocks can only affect the earnings effect of individual stocks, so it can be concluded that tomorrow a shares will be given priority to by small Yin small Yang K line.Second: this round of a share adjustment market is not over, today just large funds to face and start large-cap stocks, this only pull index does not pull the stock market is completely a false strong, false pull up the market, false strong is to kind of leek, is to large funds shipment.Want to know in the market index has not appeared to stop falling stabilization, or before there is no reversal signal, on the way to rebound market is much.After all, the next market after the start of the oversold rebound, will certainly repeatedly fall to find support, until the market index fell immoved at that moment, so you can be more sure today a share differentiation type rebound is luring.Comprehensive according to the current position of a shares, as well as today’s a share of the disk, today a shares start weight market, is completely to face forced push index ushered in a good start, this face market is not healthy, can only be identified as a lure market.Weak rebound, adjust the market is bound to continue, only such as the bottom again after stabilizing, A share market will be stable, so for today a equity heavy market is not optimistic, be careful to sail forever.If today is unsustainable, a-share market is not healthy to lure more, maintain strategy before the Spring Festival on the operation, continue to control the position, continue to control the risk, don’t blind to the bottom, the real bottom time hasn’t arrived yet, wait for adjust the end, in this wave of adjustment until the end of the market has yet to see less.