Two brothers have exploded seeds!Beat the underdogs to end an 11-game losing streak!Demar derozan is no. 1!

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Steph scored 23 points in his debut, samar was restrained!The Warriors were pummeled by the Clippers;Azan 40 points, SAN Antonio last quarter overturned.109-85, nets end long losing streak!Finally, against the Sacramento Kings, the Brooklyn Nets ended a lengthy 11-game losing streak.109-85, no. 8 in the Eastern Conference won at home by 24 points without any of the big boys playing.It was curry’s first game in Brooklyn, and he was perfect.Seth finished with a team-high 23 points on 10-of-18 shooting and 3-of-8 3-pointers in 32 minutes.What’s even more impressive is that Curry showed great dribble penetration and passing skills in this game.In Philadelphia, it was mostly Maxi who dribbled the ball to him for open threes, and Embiid who played in the high post and passed to him, which overshadowed his ability to dominate the end.Curry’s offensive threat has led the Kings to give him the defensive treatment only his brother deserves.However, the addition of Sasha saarissa to the Sacramento Kings has a natural disadvantage in his footwork, giving Curry more opportunities to shoot open and feed, and Drummond was fed by him for 11 points on 4-of-7 shooting, his highest point total since Feb. 3.To make room for harden, the Nets’ management opted to cut their key forward rotation, Benbury, which means Bruce Brown will get more room to play.Nash played Bruce Brown for 38 minutes (a season high for Brown), and the dynamic Brown lived up to his hopes, shooting 8-of-12 from the field for a game-high plus-28.Early in the third quarter, the Kings got as close as a point.But let’s be honest, the Nets held double-digit leads for most of the game, and the game was out of control from late in the third quarter, when the new players gave their new team their best shot.104-119, Stephen Curry 33 points!The east bunker blew up. The west bunker blew up today.Curry hit six straight shots in the first quarter, hitting four 3-pointers and scoring 16 points in nine minutes.Stephen Curry scored 33 points on 11-of-18 shooting in nearly 34 minutes, putting up one of his most productive games since February.But even with Stephen’s brilliance, Golden State couldn’t win.The Clippers never lost their momentum in curry’s most aggressive first quarter, trailing by just three points, 34-37, at the first buzzer.Through four quarters, the Clippers haven’t shot less than 37.5 percent from 3-point range.The second quarter aside, the Clippers didn’t shoot below 50 percent from 3-point range for the rest of the quarter, giving them plenty of firepower throughout the game.Zubaz faced the Luni defense and did everything he could under the basket, scoring 18 points on 8-of-10 shooting in 22 minutes.Reggie Jackson not only scored 19 points on better than 50 percent shooting, he also had nine assists.At the end of the day, the Warriors’ coaching staff underestimated Reggie’s passing ability and forced him to double the ball for many times. Reggie was not affected by it, and led his teammates with his excellent ball control skills. The highest plus-27 in the game showed his great value to the team.White, “Wu Qi 49 points,” derozan home victory over his old club DE mar – demar derozan handle is hot recently, last week he led the bulls to 3-1, in the four games can he averaged close to 6 into shooting, get data from 36 + 5 + 5, scored his second week of the best in 2022.Zach lavine has been struggling with a knee injury since entering 2022, and an MRI showed no signs of major injury, according to multiple bulls sources.To be on the safe side, the team’s coaching staff opted to rest Lavine for a short period of time and seek further examination by a specialist in Los Angeles.That means derozan must carry the offensive load against his former team SAN Antonio spurs.Demar derozan scored 40 points on 66 percent shooting and had a team-high seven assists in just 34 minutes.That made him the first bulls player since Michael Jordan to score 35 points in six straight games.Five spurs scored in double figures, with three scoring more than 18 points.Without vucevic, Kobe – White’s support, derozan alone, really difficult to win.Vucevic showed strong inside dominance as the Black Mountain center shot 8-of-11 from the field and finished with 25 points and 16 rebounds without a free throw in the Spurs’ paint.Kobe White was in good shape and finished with a game-high +19 plus-minus of 24+5+6 in 34 minutes.Led by demar derozan and Vucevic, the Bulls outscored the Spurs 37-20 in the final quarter, outscoring the Spurs 120-109 and winning their fourth straight game.Stay tuned to “100” for live NBA video and replay of NBA games from 1980 to the present.