72 pounds of pumpkin!Lanzhou elderly invite everyone to share a pumpkin feast

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Oh, man! 72 pounds of pumpkin!On February 16, lanzhou Evening News reported that fang Shouan, 82, has a pumpkin at home. The news spread around the neighborhood, and everyone came to see it.The pumpkin was planted by Grandpa Fang’s in-laws and transported all the way from Yongdeng to Lanzhou with the help of children.Recently, the old man invited everyone to share the pumpkin feast.”My wife and I visited yongdeng, my son-in-law’s hometown, at his invitation.My in-laws planted some pumpkins on the slope. They were all very big.”February 15, in grandpa fang’s home, the reporter saw the 72 pounds of large pumpkin, golden pumpkin was wiped spotless by the old man.Fang Shouan old man when young because of work reasons, once followed the investigation group in the province of the agricultural base research site investigation, “I have never seen such a big pumpkin!””How did the big pumpkin grow?”In the face of the reporter’s doubts, Fang Shouan introduced the old man, he also asked his in-laws, is there any mystery.The in-laws laughed and said, “What is the secret of the things in the crops? It is to rely on deep cultivation, fertilization on time and careful care.”See this big pumpkin, Fang Shouan suddenly the development of the northwest, northwest rural rich full of confidence!How does it taste?What’s the difference between the taste of this pumpkin and that of a regular pumpkin?These days, people ask Fang shouan this question, and his answer is: “It was delicious. We ate the pumpkin we brought. It was delicious!You can’t go wrong with the taste of this giant pumpkin!We invite everyone over for a pumpkin dinner!”In the interview, Fang Shouan and his wife two people can make pumpkin porridge, pumpkin steamed stuffed bun, pumpkin soup, pumpkin mud and so on dishes, invited relatives and friends, neighbors, as well as like big pumpkin friends to taste the pumpkin dinner at home.Zhao Yuxinwen, a media reporter from Lanzhou Daily