A shares closed comments: index all day wide shock attractions and tourism intraday lift limit tide

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A shares the year of the ox MSC wide range throughout the day, the gem that once rose nearly 2%, digital currency, strengthening education, pork plates, scenic spots and tourist plate lift harden, stock market focus of nine medical Ann contact again, coal, relatively weak Banks, such as steel plates, three cities nearly 3300 stocks rise, harden over 60, make money effect is strong.On the surface, the aquaculture industry rose in the afternoon, Zhangzidao rose by nearly 6%, along with Wen’s Shares, Zhongshui Fishery and Guolian Aquatic Products.Power plate afternoon continued to pull up, Jinshan shares trading limit, Jinkaixineng, Xiaocheng Technology, Disson shares with up;Pork plate afternoon continued to pull up, Wen’s shares rose nearly 7%, Tang Renshen, Pengdu Agriculture and Animal husbandry, Wellhope shares follow up;Chinese ship department afternoon pull up, Chinese ship science and technology up nearly 7%, Chinese ship emergency, Chinese ship Han Guang, Chinese ship defense up.A shares three index collective high open, Shanghai index opened up 0.39%, Shenzhen index opened up 0.87%, gem points opened up 1.34%, dye, breeding plate open active.09:30 Sodium ion battery plate opening pull up, Xiang Fenghua rose more than 7%, Ningde Times, Huayang shares, Lizhong Group to follow up.09:32 Digital currency plate abnormal pull up, Huobao shares trading limit, New Cape, Win, Shensi Electronics to follow up.09:34 Snow and ice industry concept stocks pulled up and strengthened, Sanfu outdoor up nearly 6%, COFCO Engineering, New Technology, iceberg cold and hot with the rise.09:38 Coal concept fell, Panjiang shares fell more than 9%, Kailuan shares, Ping coal shares, Shanxi coking coal to follow.09:44 Scenic spots and tourism sector continued to strengthen, Jiuhua Tourism up nearly 8%, Lingnan Holdings, Zhangjiajie, Guilin tourism up.09:50 Salt Lake lithium plate fell, Gold yuan shares fell more than 8%, ViSAIbo, Xizang Mining, BYD followed.Semiconductor and component sector continued to decline, Guoke slightly down more than 12%, Chongda Technology, Zhenlei Technology, Taijing Technology to follow.10:02 GEM index turned green, Shanghai Index fell 0.46%, Shenzhen component index fell 0.43%.10:02 prepared dishes plate pulled up strong, Xi ‘an food, Lingnan Holdings trading limit, Yike food, Tang Renshen with up.10:11 precious metals plate lower, Hunan gold down nearly 8%, western gold, Chifeng gold, Yintai gold to follow.10:15 The Shenzhen component index extended its decline to 1%, the Shanghai Index fell 0.89%, and the CHINext index fell 0.51%.10:18 Liquor concept continued to weaken, Huangtai Wine industry, Panjiang shares fell by the limit, Luzhou Laojiao, Gujing wine to follow the fall.10:18 FTSE China A50 index futures extended losses to 1 percent.10:18 Shanghai extended losses to 1 percent, shenzhen component index fell 1.11 percent, chinext 0.59%.10:48 Textile manufacturing sector continued to pull up, Lutai A up nearly 6%, Fuchun dyeing and weaving, Huali Group, Wensli with up.10:52 The concept of three children continues to pull up, King of children, love baby room, such as the limit, Clorox shares, Kide new material with the rise.10:58 A share three major indexes once again collective red, scenic spots and tourism, digital currency plate gainers.11:00 novel coronavirus detection plate abnormal pull up, Jiuan medical capping board, Changhong Technology, new open source, Novazan up.11:14 securities plate strength, Caida securities trading plate, CITIC Securities, Hua Chuang Yang ‘an, Hualin Securities up.13:01 In the afternoon, zhangzidao rose by nearly 6%, followed by Wen’s shares, China Water Fisheries and Guolian Fisheries.13:03 Power sector continued to rise in the afternoon, Jinshan shares trading limit, Jinkai New Energy, Xiaocheng Technology, Disson shares follow up.13:05 Pork sector continued to rise in the afternoon, Wen’s shares rose nearly 7%, Tang Renshen, Pengdu Agriculture and Animal husbandry, Wellhope shares followed.13:41 scenic spots and tourism plate lift the daily limit tide, Guilin tourism, Zhangjiajie and other nearly 10 shares of the daily limit, Yunnan tourism, Utour travel up.14:00 Airport shipping sector continued to pull up, China Airlines up more than 6%, Air China, Shanghai Airport, China Eastern Airlines to follow up.14:04 Planting industry and forestry sector continued to strengthen, Xinsai shares rose nearly 6%, Shennong Technology, Pingtan Development, Dunhuang seed up.News: 1, insiders: quantitative funds helped boost the market on January 27 on January 27, A shares fell sharply again.Reporters learned that quantitative funds have liquidated positions to sell, a large number of public companies collectively move to protect, to buy their own products.”Everyone is probably liquidating before the holiday, and so are we.”A private quantitative fund company senior management told reporters.It said that the private quantification will use short selling or stock index futures, options to hedge, but the recent market fell to the stop loss line, quantitative funds can not artificially control, will automatically sell.In practice, the organization recently reduced the operation of many out of the Spring Festival market favorable empty concerns.The above quantified private equity personage said that the main concern of the institution is that the situation after the Spring Festival last year will be repeated, we have lingering fears.At present, there are many scattered epidemic cases in China, and it is widely believed that there is a high degree of uncertainty.In fact, some in the industry believe that quant funds helped drive the market’s decline on January 27.A total of 64 new confirmed cases were reported in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, according to the National Health Commission (NHC).There were 39 local cases (16 in Zhejiang, all in Hangzhou;9 cases in Heilongjiang province, all in Mudanjiang City;Eight cases were reported in Beijing, including 7 in Fengtai district and 1 in Daxing District.There were 4 cases in Tianjin, all in Hebei District.1 case in Guizhou, anshun City;One case was reported from the XPCC in the Fourth Division of the XPCC, including two asymptomatic cases in Beijing.No new deaths were reported.There were 3 new suspected cases, all imported from abroad (all in Shanghai).A total of 12 asymptomatic domestic COVID-19 cases were reported.Media reports say Tencent plans to partner with at least one private equity investor to take Douyu private.Douyu and Tencent said they would not comment.In addition, a person close to Tencent internal said, confirmed with the internal team, the news is not true, there is no matter.4. China’s Space In 2021The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China released the country’s fifth space white paper on Jan. 28, introducing the major progress of China’s space activities since 2016 and the main tasks for the next five years, to further enhance the international community’s understanding of China’s space industry.In the next five years, Based on the new stage of development, China’s space industry will implement the new development concept and construct a new development pattern. In accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, China will promote the all-round development of space science, space technology and space application, and embark on a new journey to comprehensively build China into a space power.To serve China’s overall development, promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind in outer space, and make greater contribution to the progress of human civilization.Xiamen municipal Bureau of Statistics released an analysis on the operation of real estate development and investment in Xiamen in 2021, which said that various measures were taken simultaneously to stabilize the real estate sales market.First, implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, step up efforts to speed up the construction of affordable housing in the city, stabilize the market while restraining the rapid rise of housing prices, and strive to promote common prosperity through high-quality development;Second, we should make good preparation for the pilot implementation of “real estate tax” in Xiamen, so as to prevent big fluctuations in the city’s real estate market.In response to a question about when caller ID fees will be abolished, China Mobile told Beijing News shell Finance that the company has stopped selling fees for caller ID across its network since April 1, 2016.The next stage, China Mobile will continue to use part of the old package customers actively communicate, in 3-5 years to gradually cancel the caller ID fee.(Shell finance) investment advice: Guotai Junan pointed out that confidence, optimistic view of A shares after the market.Denominator end of the negative impact intensive, molecular end of the lack of confidence, superimposed pre-holiday trading level disturbance, pre-holiday market continued to adjust.Looking ahead to the Spring Festival, 1) Positive factors will gradually be revised up.After the real estate credit risk and local hidden debt problems in recent years, the market is inevitably hesitant to steady growth.However, the current local two sessions have been held, the word “stability”, the steady growth policy will accelerate and force, after the year there is no need to be overly pessimistic about the molecular end.2) Negative factors will accelerate convergence.At present, the market is gradually pricing changes in overseas liquidity expectations. The negative impact of overseas liquidity expectations before the New Year is being digested at a faster pace. Meanwhile, real estate credit risks will gradually fall after the New Year, and negative factors in the denominator will accelerate convergence.3) In addition, from the perspective of the calendar effect, it can also be observed that the market performance after the Spring Festival is significantly better than that before the Spring Festival.Overall, after the Spring Festival market is expected to gradually return to warm.Source: Flush Financial Research Center