Frame longmen hanging lanterns flourishing to welcome the Spring Festival

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Red lanterns hung up, auspicious longmen frame up, the provincial city streets and lanes more and more thick.Longmen, West District, Xining city.(Photo: Qi Xiaojun, Ye Yating) Longmen, Chengzhong District, Xining City.The red lanterns hung high in the longmen in the city dress up the streets, setting off a thick lunar New Year flavor, lighting the day of prosperity, but also symbolizing good weather in the coming year.On January 25, the reporter saw the red lanterns on both sides of the road in Xining city, covering the street with festive red clothing.Longmen lanterns are the symbol of the New Year and people’s best wishes for the New Year.Reporters see in the west gate, a 30 meters long, 16 meters high single cross longmen light group has been built, many people in front of the dragon to take photos.”This dragon gate is very imposing, representing good luck, symbolizing our day is more and more prosperous, so I can’t wait to take pictures with my son today.”Citizen Yang Guoling told reporters.On the southwest side of the central square, the bureau of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Science and Technology in the city also made street lighting, which was fully lit in the middle of January, adding a festive atmosphere.Xining City west district lanterns.”Mom, look, there are many persimmon lanterns hanging on the trees…”At noon on January 26, Ms. Chen took her children to stroll in the west of the city at the fifth junction, feeling the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival in advance.Five fork road across the 54 street and Victory Road longmen momentum.In the green space at the five fork road, the penetrating flower bed landscape is dotted with fake flowers of different colors.More than ten persimmon lamps are hung on the pine tree, and a yellow ball lantern is placed below the pine tree. This step is a scene and the effect of the fancy lantern sea, which attracted many citizens to stop and take photos.In order to create a happy and peaceful atmosphere for the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, chengxi district has built a longmen with steel frame structure at the five-fork road. The longmen are 60 meters long, 7.3 meters wide and 18.8 meters high.The lantern group consists of dragons, calabash, auspicious clouds, dougong and other elements. The two dragons driving the auspicious clouds around the calabash symbolize good luck, health, national peace and people’s safety.At the same time, two lighting groups are set up in the green area of wucha intersection, namely “Happy West Area” lamp group and “Shishiping” lamp group.As this year’s more characteristic “Shishitaiping” lamp group, composed of 20 persimmon lamps, 30 smoke lanterns, 13 pieces of green plant lighting, showing the double festival to bring good wishes to the people.At the same time, in the Haihu New Area, the north of the seventh district, also set up a place named “bless the motherland” large lighting group.We believe that when the lights are officially on on January 28, the lights will flicker at night, bringing a different sensory experience to the public.Longmen, North District, Xining city.On January 25, night fell, the reporter saw many citizens taking photos in front of the large dragon gate crossing xiaoqiao Street in Xining City.For rich active cultural life, the Spring Festival to chengbei district residents to create a happy, happy and peaceful Spring Festival atmosphere, highlight chengbei district economic and social development and people’s spirit, xining chengbei district urban management bureau of comprehensive administrative law enforcement in advance planning, cross erected in bridge street 38 meters high, 18.8 meters wide of the gantry, gantry majestic,Add a thick festive atmosphere for the festival.”Longmen welcome Spring” is designed with “dragon spirit” as the core, symbolizing the profound cultural deposits of the East.Longmen structure for steel frame structure, wire frame modeling, two dragons hovering on the door, vivid, lifelike.Gantry beam with ancient carpenter “ban” the ancestors of trademark design as the main body, combined with modern landmarks and classic beam on the grafting of ancient design, to the modelling of longmen grand momentum and modern endowed with profound culture, a symbol of the traditional culture and civilization blend in the new era, create a thriving, positive festival atmosphere.Gantry lighting adopts LED point light source with internal penetration and partial contour LED lamp with light tracing.Not only to achieve the effect of lighting the streets, but also very energy saving, the public will be able to feel the convenience of thrift, happiness and peace, safety and order of the festival atmosphere.Under construction in Longmen, Xining City.”At present, the east longmen foundation has been built, and the preparation work of the 39th Lantern Festival is also in an orderly manner.”On January 26, li Hong, a staff member of xining city’s chengdong District, culture, sports, tourism and science bureau, said that this year, chengdong district will build a special Longmen building on Jianguo South Road. The Lantern Festival will be lit from 19 to 22 PM from January 30 to February 15.The theme of the Lantern Festival is “Jade Tiger, Spring And Dragon Ascendance”, implying the development and prosperity of the Eastern district and people’s happiness and well-being.The new Longmen, built on Jianguo South Road in the eastern district of The city, is 19.95 meters high and 56 meters across, implying that 56 ethnic groups are united as one and work together. The overall shape of longmen is double dragons playing beads, magnificent and auspicious, and the two dragons in vivid form are rich in profound cultural heritage.Synchronization with the parade in the east area of “three” mass cultural activities in order to “dream weavers new era New journey “as the theme, set to blast off around the” golden tiger “the extension” basalt “” again” “imagining the future” four major parts, to carry out the literary performance, drama performance, the countryside culture, calligraphy and painting exhibition and other 17 key cultural activities, enrich the cultural life of the masses.Good for epidemic prevention and control during the period of cultural activities, east area cultural activities, organized online “reward for classes, Spring Festival” online class of literature and art, “yue at new era Elegant praise glory “online clock in reading activities,” spectrum, spanning the praise of the beautiful east, “its theatrical performances, 2022 children”, children’s flying dream set sail, “network, etc.,For the masses to watch all kinds of artistic programs online.