GCL Integration: the expected loss of 1.47 billion yuan to 2.281 billion yuan in 2021 will exceed 20GW of large-size component capacity by the end of 2022

2022-07-04 0 By

E company news, GCL integration (002506) January 28 evening forecast, 2021 company is expected to lose 1.47 billion yuan to 2.281 billion yuan, a loss of 2.638 billion yuan in the same period last year, year-on-year loss.In 2021, the supply of upstream silicon materials in the photovoltaic industry is tight, leading to the company’s main raw materials silicon and battery prices continue to operate at a high level, the increase of module terminal sales price is not as high as the increase of raw material prices, and the gross profit margin of modules decreases significantly.It is expected that by the end of 2022, the company will have the capacity of large-size components exceeding 20GW, and the product structure of the company’s components will be further optimized.