Hospital human resource management

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Hospital human resource management theory system perfecting, practical case is also more and more rich, practitioners of professional management level continues to increase, but the hospital human resource management are faced with the problem is more and more, to solve the difficulty also bigger and bigger, this should be with the transformation of the whole social economic structure, social organization mode conversion, individual consciousness awakening, and many other factors.Hospital human resource management thinking transformation and the construction of management system is no longer a “isolated island”, today’s hospital human resource management has been with the social environment, macro policies, closely related to people’s value orientation, life style, the requirement of hospital human resource management mode and technology must be able to change as the norm, to adapt to the change by the reaction of agile,Then enhance the effectiveness of the whole human resource management system.The hospital human resource management include hospital human resource management environment analysis, the hospital human resource management planning and design of hospital department functions and business departments, hospitals, post analysis and staffing, hospital staff’s ability to ascend, hospital performance management system design, the hospital salary system design, hospital staff career management and building the work life balance, a total of nine partsEach chapter is interlinked, forming a complete academic and practical system of hospital human resource management.Hospital Human Resource Management sets out to solve the practical problems existing in the current hospital human resource management, and constructs the discipline system of hospital human resource management from the perspective of strategic thinking. It not only endows the classical human resource management theory with the connotation of The Times, but also combines a large number of practical cases from the consulting front line.1. Challenges and Trends:Environmental analysis of hospital human resource management 1.1 Hospital managers should re-examine the changed medical environment 1.1.1 Hospitals should transform from large and all-embracing to intensive and strong 1.1.2 Hospitals should transform from resource consumption to management innovation 1.1.3 Hospitals should transform from over-commitment to clear service standards 1.2 Main challenges faced by hospital human resource management 1.2.1 Shortage of excellent talents is the main bottleneck of hospital development 1.2.2 The rise of human cost will bring pressure to hospital operation and management 1.2.3 The service ability of medical staff cannot fully meet the needs of patients 1.2.4 the “awakening and self-liberation” of medical staff will gradually overturn the current personnel management system 1.3 The countermeasures of hospital human resource managementStrategy 1.3.1 The hospital should consider the re-integration of departments and post design 1.3.2 The hospital should reasonably check the workload of medical staff through post and assignment 1.3.3 The hospital should establish a perfect comprehensive performance appraisal and distribution system 1.3.4 It is an inevitable choice to move from “identity management” to “contract management” 1.3.5 The hospital’s human resource management must1.3.6 The Human resource Management department of hospital must realize the role transformation Case from personnel management to human resource Management in 10 years in Hanzhong People’s Hospital of Shaanxi Province 2.Strategies and Objectives:Hospital HUMAN Resource management planning 2.1 Understanding of human resource 2.1.1 Basic concepts of Human resource 2.1.2 Main contents of hospital Human resource management 2.1.3 Working standards of hospital Human resource 2.2 Hospital Human resource Planning 2.2.1 Basic concepts of Hospital Human resource Planning 2.2.2 Steps of hospital human resource planning 2.23 Main contents of hospital human resource planning 2.3 Hospital post and Organization 2.3.1 Main principles of Post and Organization 2.3.2 Specific methods of post and organization 2.4 Hospital human resource cost planning 2.4.1 Human resource acquisition cost 2.4.2 Human resource development cost 2.4.3 Human resource use cost 2.4.4 human resource2.5 Evaluation and diagnosis of hospital human resource management 2.5.1 Evaluation system of hospital human resource management status 2.5.2 Cases of evaluation index system of hospital human resource Status Human resource Planning of The First People’s Hospital of Ziyang city, Sichuan Province 3.Division of labor and collaboration:Design of functional and business departments of hospitals 3.1 Understanding of organizational structure design 3.1.1 Factors of organizational structure design 3.1.2 Specific factors of organizational structure design of hospitals 3.1.3 Types of organizational structure design of hospitals 3.2 Organizational structure design of Functional Departments 3.2.1 Main institutional basis of organizational structure design of functional departments 3.2.2 JobsProcedures for the organizational structure design of functional departments 3.2.3 Preparation of the responsibility statement of functional departments 3.3 Organizational structure design of Functional Departments 3.3.1 Main basis for organizational structure design of Functional Departments 3.3.2 Case of Organizational structure design innovation and discipline integration 1 Case of organizational structure optimization scheme of functional Department of Aviation General Hospital of China Medical University 2Case Study of Adjustment Scheme of Functional Department Setting in Qujing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Yunnan Province 3 Optimization Scheme of Functional Department Setting in Linyi Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Shandong Province 4.Position and Configuration:Hospital post analysis and staffing 4.1 Hospital post analysis and compilation of Job Description 4.1.1 Purpose of hospital post analysis 4.1.2 Main steps of post analysis 4.1.3 Compilation of job description 4.2 Hospital post setting 4.2.1 Post Category setting 4.2.2 Setting of management post level 4.2.3 Professional skillsTechnical Post Level setting 4.2.4 Skill Post level setting 4.2.5 AD hoc Post setting 4.2.6 Professional and Technical Post Name and Post Level 4.3 Hospital staff recruitment and allocation 4.3.1 Recruitment methods 4.3.2 Recruitment channels 4.3.3 Selection methods 4.3.4 Recruitment and selection Process evaluation Case 1 Wulin, Inner MongoliaCase 2. Implementation Plan 5 of Professional and technical title Appointment of shandong Provincial Third Hospital.Training and Education:Ability improvement of hospital staff 5.1 Training demand Survey and diagnosis stage 5.1.1 Training demand analysis at the level of hospital organization 5.1.2 Training demand analysis at the level of individual employee demand 5.1.3 Training demand analysis at the level of mandatory requirements in the medical industry 5.1.4 Training demand diagnosis report 5.2 Training system development stage 5.2.1 Training system5.2.2 Supplementary and improvement of the training system 5.2.3 Trial operation and official release of the training system 5.3 Training content Planning Stage 5.3.1 Pre-job training of employees 5.3.2 Professional skills training 5.3.3 Management skills training of managers 5.3.4 Humanistic literacy training 5.4 Training implementation Stage 5.5 Training effect evaluation Stage case Of Guangyi Medical Health Technology Group training planning Part I Analysis of the group training status Part II Group training planning suggestions 6.Performance and evaluation:Design of hospital performance management system 6.1 Purpose of hospital performance management 6.2 Process of hospital performance management 6.2.1 Performance plan 6.2.2 performance guidance 6.2.3 Performance evaluation 6.2.4 Application of performance results 6.2.5 Performance communication 6.3 Main tools of hospital performance evaluation 6.3.1 Graph scale evaluation method 6.3.2Alternate ranking method 6.3.3 Paired comparison method 6.3.4 Forced distribution method 6.3.5 Key performance indicators method 6.3.6 Behavior anchoring rating method 6.3.7Objective management method 6.3.8 Balanced Scorecard 6.3.9 Objective and key Achievement evaluation method 6.3.10 Comprehensive performance evaluation method 6.4 Hospital evaluation system construction 6.4.1 Assessment and evaluation of hospital business departments 6.4.2 Assessment and evaluation of hospital functional departments 6.4.3 Assessment and evaluation of hospital staff 6.4.4 Director of hospital department6.4.5 Assessment and evaluation cases of hospital leaders Performance assessment Methods for middle-level management cadres of Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center Performance Assessment Methods for directors of functional departments of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical CenterContribution and compensation:Hospital compensation system design 7.1 Status and role of hospital compensation management 7.2 Concept of hospital compensation design 7.2.1 Basic principles of hospital compensation design 7.2.2 Hospital market competitiveness and compensation 7.3 Structure system of hospital compensation 7.3.1 Basic structure of compensation 7.3.2 Main contents of compensation 7.3.3 Labor cost andTotal salary 7.4 Procedures for hospital salary design 7.4.1 Labor cost planning and budget 7.4.2 Determining salary structure 7.4.3 Carrying out salary survey and determining salary level 7.4.4 Determining accounting and distribution units 7.4.5 Post arrangement and salary planning 7.4.6 Job analysis and post value evaluation 7.4.7 Comprehensive performanceEvaluation 7.4.8 Evaluation and Monitoring of salary Payment 7.5 Salary design of different positions in the hospital 7.5.1 Salary design of physicians 7.5.2 Salary design of nursing Staff 7.5.3 Salary design of medical and technical staff 7.5.4 Salary design of Management Staff Case 1 Design of performance salary system based on workload point standardization in Tai ‘an Central Hospital of Shandong ProvinceCase 2 performance distribution system of Dazu District People’s Hospital in Chongqing 8.Growth and development:Hospital staff career management 8.1 Basic concepts of career management 8.2 Significance of Career management 8.2.1 Significance of career planning to individuals 8.2.2 Significance of career management to hospitals 8.3 Steps of career planning 8.3.1 Personal assessment and diagnosis 8.3.2 Establishment of career development goals 8.3.Development of career development strategy 8.3.4 Career planning management 8.4 Design of employee career development channel 8.4.1 Design and investigation of employee career development channel 8.4.2 Design of Career development channel System 8.4.3 Policy support cases of Career development Design and management measures of Employee development channel of Hunan Aerospace Hospital 9.Protection and care:Building the balance between work and life 9.1 Main contents of staff security and care 9.1.1 Protection of staff’s legitimate rights and interests 9.1.2 Unimpeded democratic management channels 9.1.3 Creating a good hospital cultural atmosphere 9.2 Medical staff job burnout prevention and pressure management 9.2.1 Concept and symptoms of job burnout 9.2.2 Measurement of job burnout9.2.3 Prevention of job burnout 9.2.4 Pressure management of medical staff 9.3 Evaluation of hospital employee satisfaction 9.3.1 Dimensions of evaluation of hospital employee satisfaction 9.3.2 Methods of evaluation of hospital employee satisfaction 9.3.3 Main measures to improve employee satisfaction Preview of Employee satisfaction evaluation report of Jinshan Hospital, Benxi city, Liaoning ProvinceStamp the following blue word pack away information hospital human resources management