Receive consultation calls every month 12333 hotline service of more than 20,000 people “Zero distance”

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Hello, social security center?Do you know that our ‘convenience treasure’ is broken?Can I still get certified and go all the way to the Social Security Administration?Get it over with.”A few days ago, the city 12333 human resources and social security consulting center and a phone rang, after the phone was connected, the consultant was about to say hello, the microphone spread the rapid voice and expectations.Originally, Mr. Liu from Wuhe County toupu town needs to carry out certification for the elderly at home, his residence is far away from the social security Bureau, the elderly legs and feet are not convenient, go to the community service terminal equipment “benmin bao” to self-help, the results to find that “benmin Bao” can not be used normally.After understanding the situation, the consultant tells the caller: “Please don’t worry. We will try our best to help you solve the problem. Which community are you in now?We will arrange an engineer to visit us as soon as possible.”After communication with the caller and community staff, the consultant determined the fault situation and address of “Benmin Bao”.In order to ensure that retirees’ pensions can be paid normally, the human resources and social security departments launched a “green channel”, which went to the village where the “benmin Bao” was located on the same day, and solved the problem in time.Seeing that his family had handled the pension certification in time, Mr. Liu turned his initial reproach into heartfelt praise: “I thought we were in the county, far away, and still had to wait for a while, but I didn’t expect you to be so efficient, so it was done on the same day, hard work!”After 12333 received the consultation, the human resources and social security department went to the site where the masses reported on the same day to repair the equipment and solve the problem.In order to facilitate residents to apply for social security services nearby, the municipal department of social security in the city and county social insurance agencies, the three counties under the jurisdiction of the township, the city under the jurisdiction of the community labor security workstations, etc., a total of 221 social security self-service terminals, to achieve social business management, certificate printing and self-help inquiry;”Convenience treasure” has been installed in 1,230 employment stations in the city, realizing social security information and enterprise employment information inquiry, and carrying out old-age certification for urban and rural residents with the help of social security cards.”Generally speaking, if the equipment is damaged, the community staff will report to us immediately, but sometimes the community is too busy and may not immediately notice the damage, so there is a call like this.”Director of human resources and social security information center Zhu Binliang told reporters, according to the specification of the working process, the staff should be within one week after receiving repair service of on-site maintenance, but because of the damage have already affected residents need to deal with practical business, people club department personnel to the scene the first time, looking forward to respond to the crowds, solve the problem of the masses.12333 is a convenient and warm hotline. It has been running steadily for 16 years since its opening, and its unified and standardized management and process-based business processing mechanism have become mature and complete.In particular, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the epidemic has made it difficult for people, especially the elderly, to handle social services on-site.As the most cutting-edge human and social services window, 12333 responded quickly, changed its working mode, and added non-working day policy consultation services on the basis of the original working day. “7×24 hours” round-the-clock manual service ensured that the service “does not close” during the epidemic prevention and control, which was well received by the general public.”We now average more than 600 calls a day, around 20,000 calls a month and more than 270,000 calls in 2021.The hotline provides the public with policy consultation, guidance, information inquiry and complaint handling services on human resources and social security.”Zhu Binliang introduced.”In order to further improve the efficiency of serving the people, on the existing basis, we will continue to do a good job in 12333 intelligent customer service, constantly expand intelligent customer service functions, and build it into a right-hand assistant to assist human customer service to answer citizens’ questions, effectively avoid the phenomenon of human customer service congestion, so that citizens’ questions can be answered in time.”The relevant person in charge of the municipal people’s and Social Security Bureau said that in the future, 12333 will gradually explore the handling of simple business services in addition to the existing responsibilities of policy consultation, service guidelines, information inquiry and complaint acceptance.