Wangqing County agricultural technology extension center to carry out soil laboratory work

2022-07-04 0 By

Recently, Wang Qing County agricultural technology extension Center is carrying out soil alkali-hydrolyzed nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, organic matter and pH value detection work.After the test is completed, the fertilizer suggestion card will be made in the first time, and distributed to the hands of rural farmers free of charge, to provide scientific basis for spring sowing fertilization, and continue to contribute to the increase of grain production, farmers’ income and agricultural efficiency in Wangqing County.Since 2005, Wang Qing County agricultural technology promotion center began to promote soil testing formula fertilization technology in the county.By collecting soil samples and detecting the soil nutrient content in the surface layer, we can guide farmers to apply fertilizer according to their needs and improve the level of scientific fertilization by scientifically proportioned fertilizer according to soil and crop, and achieve good effects of increasing fertilizer utilization rate, reducing fertilizer use and protecting soil fertility.