Flowers are open, dance wandering, gratuitous and visitors full of tears

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art flower is open, dance wandering, gratuitous and visitors full of tears.Dream line, cuckoo cry to Ming, provoke acacia tens of millions of wisps, unprovoked tie the most affectionate.Autumn wind deciduous end, the garden red purple provoking pity, cuckoo do not know lonely cold solution.Another year brings pity, and the cuckoo is confused with the butterflies’ whirl.Night spring breeze calls the cuckoo, the garden butterfly dance lightly, gratuitous but by the poet.Dance neon dress, azaleas bleeding outside the window, acacia 10 million wisp, gratuitous cut off what just as well.Dignified branches and leaves hide beautiful, fragrant fragrance provoking pity, cuckoo sound in spring, butterfly dream of affection cotton.Petal fragrance is blown by the east wind, azaleas love flowers can not bear to fly.Crow blood full of red mountains, butterflies fluttering unprovoked fundus, provoking thoughts and hazy.Flying flowers all over the sky, crow liu smoke, spring breeze provoked into the eye.Memories of old people, fall all provoke god, cuckoo sound in the spring will be old, butterfly dream love is not true.Another year caused by prostitution, thoughts confused, cuckoo do not understand the butterfly cry dead.Dyed mountains and rivers, butterflies flying flowers all over the sky, gratuitous flirt drunk, dongfeng deliberately provoking pity.Butterflies flying flowers garden, cuckoo cuckoo liu smoke, spring breeze provoked into the eye.The drizzle is gratuitous, and the cuckoo is confused with the butterflies’ whirl.Touching, wet paper money, a few azaleas, whirling about.Cuckoos do not cry, butterfly dreams are difficult to become, gratuitous but poplar flowers as snow sound.Butterflies have gone to dream, cuckoo still cry sentimental annoying, gratuitous melancholy until dusk.The wind and rain add sorrow, causing people to leave the heart of autumn, last night azaleas butterfly dance difficult to rest.The breeze kisses my face, the moon illumines my sleep without cause, cuckoos sing at midnight, butterflies dance in my dream.Tears with jin, butterfly double flying dream to find, gratuitous people easy to old, the spring breeze is still sad.For fear that the butterfly can not fly, dead sorrow cuckoo cuckoo crow is not Hugh, the most ruthless is provoking hate, night rain end can solve my worry.Tree understanding zen, Cihang Pudu life, endless sea of suffering smile.The world of mortals a dream who knows, I hope cihang tree acacia.Ups and downs a read, the world of mortals purdue three thousand bound, under the bodhi tree to spend their last years.Voyage thousands of miles of ship, tree sit meditation, if the world of mortals is boundless is also edge.A pot of spring under the bodhi tree, Purdue Cihang, the boundless sea of suffering is not enchanted.Thousands of heavy, where meet, cihang purdue tree under an old man.Vacant suffering sea seek bosom friend, the world of mortals several degrees of spring, Cihang Purdue tree enlightenment zen heart.Sentient beings from the tree wu Zen, if there is truth in the world of mortals, the boundless sea of suffering is the time of return.Under the bodhi tree, there are many fans, and the sea of suffering is boundless where to find rhinoceros.The world of mortals traveled three thousand li, ups and downs for twelve years, if cihang tree good zen.There is no sea of suffering in the world, and there is love in the world.Purdue busy, words vicissitudes of life, if the world of mortals is boundless hometown.Bodhi tree to understand the sound of zen, a reed tzu Across the world, endless sea of suffering see through the heart of right and wrong.Without trace, at a loss where to find, I hope that cihang can cross me, under the bodhi tree spend mortals.After the boat wind and rain, the world of mortals see through right and wrong, Cihang Purdue tree everything is empty.Cihang puru all the creatures, bodhi tree to realize the truth, if there is injustice in the world of mankind, endless sea of suffering to me.Under the tree wu Zen, purdue tzu voyage endless finally shore, the world of mortals see through all empty.Return to the road, sansheng bitter sea seek bosom friend, purdue human guest, bodhi tree enlightenment heart.Dazed bitter sea sigh vicissitudes of life, looking back on two lines of tears, Cihang Pudu sentient beings, bodhi tree words desolate.A reed into the painting, bodhi tree wu really such as, the world of mortals thousand sails total have no.Bodhi flowers lonely, cihang Purdue suffering why to ask, see through the world of mortals is fairy.Where side, the world of mortals love a few people pity, purdue three thousand bound, bodhi flowers five hundred years.Sentient beings fan, tree wu Zen, if there is truth in the world of mortals, the sea of suffering boundless what depends on.A tree bodhi not years, purdue the fate of the people, boundless sea of suffering at ease in the world of mortals day.Hear the sound has become aware that sing long, weng yuexiang month by month roaming together.Rhyme sea chase wave far, Yin altar sing wind, laughing song ancient tune swing sky.Together with cuiwei, chasing bees by butterflies do not think back, singing and laughing liu Xufei.Listen to the rain language, call warbler sound, wind chasing catkins with light walking.Urging leaves, call to return to the heart, whitehead woundhead tears full jin.After the old year, words mulberry ma, sing and laugh spread thousands of miles, firecrackers in the sound of rosy clouds.Hikers flower shadow chaos, children chasing butterfly willow long, happy in the sound of laughter.Laughter song around cuiwei, Yanwu Liusi down, the wind after colorful butterfly pastoral music forget to return.Ear reputation heart like water, looking back years language such as wind, whitehead woundhead massage today more strong.To the west hill, Weng with walk difficult, song spread wild, frogs sing a harvest.Head lady two match, all the way to sing smile after, not language sunset infinite good, warbler yan partner Xiafee.Linscreen sea poetry singing harmony, mo Sang Yu Weng Music gonggeng.Sound years urge, sing and laugh weng to welcome new visitors, all the way spring footsteps chase.Laugh at me without good sentences, poetry fun add, want to language also Hugh all the way to the village.Deep affection, catch the month to dusk, song and laughter spread thousands of miles, firecrackers in another spring.Language is not amazing dead also sad, sigh tears gills, reminiscing the past is still a dream.And every spring, laughing song lift bottles, invite with celebration, chasing tang song more spirit.Has come to chase the past, where must weng words mulberry ma, spring breeze does not understand silent urge flowers.Weng with month tage line, huanyan laughter still heard chizha.Who interprets language, autobiography sound, to chase past leaning on the door.Autumn sound falls into a dream, speechless on the platform, I do not know weng long empty wild geese chase.Double fly chase powder face, weng sit laughing spread thousands of miles, drizzle silent run thousands of.Enter old happy yan yan smile, childish children and grandchildren happy chase, the most is a year yan partner Xiafei.Far listen to tao sing heart desire language, close smell birds sing rhyme silent, chasing clouds by fog to find fairyland, weng with light walk.Heart to be broken, near smell wild goose language difficult flat, weng xiangyun hand in hand, all the way to the five more.After all the vicissitudes of life, I can’t see the old time now. I still remember my dream of fame after ten years of cold window.Season has my mother, ten years of cold window dream people, and now is the vicissitudes of tears full towel.Ten years of the past memories of the vast, now is the vicissitudes of tears two lines.Another spring, the vicissitudes of life when the wind and rain road, cold window ten years dream come true.Several years back round, now is spring, ten years of cold window work memory parents.20 years of youth with memories of the moment, the past has undergone a new look.Into the wind and rain, recall the past, and now is the vicissitudes of tears full clothes.Big dream now wake up but no, years call, recall the past cold window bitter reading.And years, and now indifferent, ten years of grinding a sword, a few dreams recall the past.Cold window twelve time moment, now is vicissitudes of tears trickling down cheeks.The cold window has not slept for ten years, when the ambition is strong, and now it is another day of vicissitudes.Now people do not know, how many years, recall the past leisurely a poem.Urging people old, change temples, 20 years of time dream memory horizon.Dimly recall the past, 20 years time moment, now is vicissitudes of life can not bear to see.Yu Taoli, when less hours, now full of classics and unlearned experience vicissitudes of life.Where is my hometown, after years of vicissitudes of life, still recall the setting sun.Vicissitudes of life experience difficult flat, the past now can not bear to listen to, ten years of wind and rain road, a few back to the dream memory once.Years of mortals recall, ten years of looking back on things, through the vicissitudes of life ambition did not rest.Dream is difficult to become, every recall the tears freely, now where is, vicissitudes of life do not change the old feelings.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art