“Machine machine massage” let the beauty be infatuated, arousing bean: let go that girl, let me come!

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Star cartoon and dragon cartoon is the peak of Aodong and LAN LAN, the animation of the curious bean students emerge in endlessly, bring happiness at the same time, but also let us increase the knowledge, “machine massage” let the beauty infatuated, curious bean: let go of that girl, let me come!Let’s take a look at the comics and learn more about them.Small is the laurel blossoms filled the air. The young inventor in the cartoon, he used his intelligence invented many commonly used tools, can effectively hands free, and also for the beauty Gao Qian custom made a “walker” massage, since have the massage mecha, Gao Qian indulge, infatuated with to describe too much, because is too comfortable.But fendou was not satisfied and shouted, “Let go of that girl and let me drive!”Yes, Fendou had always wanted to serve the goddess herself, but now she was beaten to it by a robot. That’s why she was so angry.In my opinion, there are many ways to take care of a girl, and Fendou should find another way to make her feel gentle and polite, which is the right choice.If you also like # Startaqi comics, then long click “like” and follow me quickly.