Male college teachers dating 125 times still single, 8 years without a break, the object to use a computer classification

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The vast sea of people, it is not easy to meet the other half of life, in this society of more men and fewer women, many men are worried about finding a partner, can find the right partner is certainly the best, if not, it can only find another way.Looking for the other half, it is undoubtedly the best to have a good match in heaven, but sometimes the matchmaker may not be able to make a good match for everyone. In this case, many people have to take blind date as the only way to find a partner.On February 17th, speaking of dating, some people after dating a few times can embrace get beauty return successfully, some dating several times but not successful, hard to avoid can produce boredom to blind date in this form, but a man in shandong, the blind date seems to be addicted to, eight years has never been interrupted, the lost the courage, dating to the 125 times also failed to find their loved ones,She is still single.To his surprise, a man has been on so many blind dates that he uses a computer to classify photos of his blind dates in order to avoid repeated meetings.The man, a 36-year-old university teacher, has made 124 blind dates this year since his first one at the age of 26, and a total of 125 since his latest one.Although every blind date turned out to be fruitless, it was no surprise to the man that he was sure he would meet his ideal one day.For so many blind dates are still unable to find the object, is the man too ugly or personality problems?Actually otherwise, the man doesn’t call people longfeng, but also can be said to be handsome, his character is, he is said to have graduated from the university of 985 undergraduate, but also the world plunged the schools master of sea turtles, such talents should have a lot of girls like, but why didn’t to more than one hundred objects?Said to the man’s economy also is no problem, it is understood that in a man and a teacher, is a formal university teacher, in jinan district property is placed, at ordinary times is also a car instead of walking, is everything, only owe to his wife, but he spent eight years time to find the other half, yet is unable to find the single because dating have spent tens of thousands of dollars for dinner.Recently, the man again after a blind date, a media reporter for its interview, the man for his blind date experience also not avoid avoid, more told the reporter, because the blind date object too many, they also feel dazzled, in order to avoid repeated blind date object and embarrassing scenes,He had to use his computer to classify the folders of all the girls he had dated for identification.The man said that the most times, three blind dates a day, he felt very tired after the day.M: But I’m not in a hurry to get married. I’ve gone on so many blind dates because my family wants me to find a wife as soon as possible.At the beginning of the blind date, he has some heart to the woman, later with the number of blind date more and more, the heart is gradually numb, the probability of the girl’s heart is also less and less.Someone is a set of Numbers, in China, the probability of two men and women meet is one in 1.3 billion m, can be a couple of chances are much rarer, but the man under the arrangement of the family or friends, had met with 125 girls, and are for marriage, but finally can’t become lovers, this really can not do not let the man himself for reflection.Man failed to find object, so good condition or not upon the woman, is likely to be out on his own, perhaps because he is feel so good, want to find a girl of conditions, the results are not to be, but he also misses the point, some women love men who are better than they are,When a woman’s condition is consistent with the man’s, the woman may not look favorably on the man. If the man lowers his requirements earlier, he will believe that he has already found a suitable marriage partner.What do you think about that?New Volcanoes