Spend 2 billion!Zhengzhou university received 1300 mu of new campus, has completed the record, this year to start!

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As we all know, the development of education industry has been highly valued by the state, has been, the state has issued a number of education policies, its purpose is to hope that the majority of students can be guaranteed!When it comes to China’s education, the best developed cities must be the first-tier developed cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Due to rich resources and relatively developed economy, the education industry is constantly improving. Many students hope to be admitted to universities in these cities and enjoy high-quality teaching services!But to realize the steady development of education, it is necessary to achieve balance, henan has many students, but in the construction in colleges and universities, does not have a lot of advantages, once became the problems urgently to be solved in the local government, today, the new campus of zhengzhou university of light industry will have their own, and covers an area of broad, very impressive!$2 billion and is expected to actually start early this year, foreign issued a circular, zhengzhou university of light industry has said it would build a new campus, in order to expand its influence and the number of admissions, for local students, is really a surprise, but years later, or not to start construction, attracted many students feel disappointed.But now, the official has made clear, will be in 2022 to start the construction of Yuzhou campus, but also will cost 20 billion, quickly triggered a wide range of concerns from the outside users, at the same time, the new campus of the ground occupation machine will reach 1300 acres, the future scale of school will be further expanded, for the main campus is very beneficial!The project project has completed the filing procedures in November last year, is currently undergoing land replacement, I believe that after the rest of the project can be formally put into construction, the main construction projects include the main teaching building, office building, student dormitory building, restaurant, scientific research building and other basic education construction!Looking forward to!The education development of Henan province has been attached great importance by the country. Many people believe that Henan has rich educational resources, but in fact, there is a great shortage in the construction of colleges and universities, as well as the relative shortage of resources, resulting in the outflow of personnel, which has caused a great obstacle to the local economic development!If we want to change this situation, we must start from the source. Only by constantly expanding the campus construction scale and allowing more students to receive high-quality guarantee can we retain talents. Besides, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry is an old famous university, and it also attracts the attention of students with its excellent educational strength.For more exciting content, come to Huashen School