A river of fishing fire tantalizing night!This is the tone of Taierzhuang

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The sun goes down and time stands still.The city lights up and colorful shadows are reflected in the ancient canal, which marks the beginning of the night in Taierzhuang.A river of the fishing city that never sleeps hazy night city covered with a layer of fine gauze as little light draw an outline of the different styles of architecture of the ancient sweet patina of dress like a gorgeous scenery of buildings, Bridges, beautiful recreates the fishing in the river canal cheng jing a OARS iraqis A city dreamland strips hangs red lanterns sculling boat, swaying in the rippling water street besides,With a sculling girl singing slowly forward.Small boat shake ah shake, the ship sister’s song also follow ah tremble tremble, life and death drunk people.Visitors on both sides of the river can not help but stop to listen to infatuated in this beautiful mood.Release the passion to enjoy the joy of walking in the gorgeous lights, in each characteristic bar, gorgeous neon lights and moonlight interweaves together slightly dim and blurred, there are dumb rock and roll have pure female voice, there are sad ballads, shake off a disturbing and tired.”Molten meteor” flying all over the sky, people and dragons in one, overwhelming, impenetrable, ancient skills show vitality, bright sky, dizzying.Taicheng pillow water river north outside the house is a small bridge running water family, the house is warm feeling, a string of old songs echoed thoughts, millennium canal “drunk” beauty, a specially for you to come to the city.Say goodbye to the busy day, your night life has begun are you sure you don’t want to come?