About strengthening needle vaccination, Hubei disease control experts remind!

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At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in China is still grim. Local clusters of epidemic cases, mainly omicron variant strains, are occurring in many places, with rapid spread and strong concealment.Vaccination is the fastest and most effective means to build a nationwide immune barrier and block the spread of the epidemic. It plays a very important role in safeguarding people’s health and maintaining social stability.What should be paid attention to in vaccination against the Omicron variant?Under the current circumstances, vaccination and personal protection are still the most important measures to prevent and control COVID-19.Special emphasis is placed on the elderly to be well protected, those who have not been vaccinated should be vaccinated as soon as possible, and those who have not been fully vaccinated should be revaccinated as soon as possible.In addition, after the vaccination, according to the regulations, if the population is eligible for the booster vaccination, the booster vaccination should be carried out as soon as the specified interval (six months after the completion of basic immunization).For your own health, be sure to get vaccinated early and actively.How effective is the COVID-19 vaccine in boosting immunity against Omicron?Based on two doses of inactivated vaccine, different booster immunization strategies with COVID-19 vaccines increased the neutralization ability of the body against omicron strain by 8-15 times.In the face of the Omicron variant, booster shots have become an option for more and more countries.Domestic epidemic data showed that the incidence of severe illness was reduced to 0.1% after booster vaccination, and none of the cases developed to critical illness.Will there be an increase in adverse reactions to enhanced immunity?Booster immunization with COVID-19 vaccine did not increase the risk of adverse reactions compared to basic immunization.The monitoring results of adverse reaction monitoring system showed that the occurrence of adverse reactions after booster vaccination did not exceed the past, including the occurrence of the first dose and the second dose.From the category of adverse reactions, mainly general reactions, adverse reactions in the abnormal reaction is mainly allergic rash.Novel Coronavirus vaccine is safe for enhanced immunization and can be administered with confidence.What is the difference between “homologous booster immunization” and “sequential booster immunization”?Homologous booster immunization refers to the use of vaccines with the same technical route as the primary immunization for booster immunization.At present, the domestic implementation of inactivated vaccine based on inactivated vaccine, or adenovirus vector vaccine based on adenovirus vector vaccine strengthened.Sequential booster immunization refers to the use of vaccines with different technical routes from primary immunization.At present, on the basis of inactivated vaccine, adenovirus vector vaccine can be used to strengthen, and recombinant protein vaccine can also be used to strengthen.Studies have shown that both homologous and sequential enhancement can significantly improve the immune protection effect.Source: Published by Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention Produced by Mengting Bao Xiaogan Daily