Communication hall | “scavenger” of railway culvert

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On February 7, the operators of the key maintenance area of Yuantan Road and bridge in jiangcun Bridge and tunnel workshop of Guangzhou Railway Group routinely inspected and cleaned the equipment of pipe connotation canal, to escort the safety of the equipment of the Spring Festival transportation line.At 5:30 a.m., Hong jung-ah, an exception, gets up half an hour early and starts preparing for work today.”Division of labor, operation arrangement, safety standards, precautions…”These normalized processes, foreman Hong Zhengya took the trouble to verify the instructions again and again, to determine that there is no omission.At 7:30 a.m., with hoes, shovels, machetes and other inspection and maintenance machinery and tools, a line of 9 people to work destination K2196+800 Beijing-Guangzhou line, their task today is to clean up culvert canal equipment within 2 kilometers, encountered branch intrusion limits, but also timely cut.Hong and his fellow workers each have their own firewood knife, which is necessary for them to patrol the mountain. The grindstone near the pool is their daily “clock”.Every morning, Hong sharpens his firewood knife. “It’s easy to work when the blade is sharp,” he says. “I think life is the same.Hong said.During the Spring Festival transportation period, they will inspect 52km of fence equipment, maintain and maintain 22 masonry Bridges, maintain and maintain 133 culverts, check and maintain 8,387 meters of anti-collision walls, check and maintain 9 upper span equipment, maintain and maintain 39 limit height protection frames, check and maintain 3856 meters of fence equipment, etc., with huge numbers and complex environment.But Mr. Hong knows all about them.In the mountainous areas of northern Guangdong, it is more bleak and cold in mid-winter.Hong Zhengya and his colleagues have been here for years, “checking the pulse” of the bridge, culver and canal equipment in the pipeline.At about 8 o ‘clock, after reaching the work site, check and clear the roadbed southward.Canals, branch intrusion limits, culverts, cutting slope are the focus of inspection and cleaning.Hong said, “This work is a big responsibility for safety. When the culvert cannot be cleared, some wood, grass and leaves mixed with soil will block the drainage system of the roadbed. When it rains, the water will overflow the line and endanger driving safety.Therefore, we must check everywhere and dare not be careless.”Hong Zhengya and workers all the way, all the way to stop to check and clean up, do not let go of every subtle security risks, to ensure safety and then enter the next operation site.At about 11:30, nearly four hours later, the culvert in the work area was cleaned up. Hong told his workers to check their tools and prepare to return to the work area.Not far away, a train whistled past…China traffic broadcast: elegant correspondent: Lu Province Province Xu Wei Long Xia Wenbo voice: Guo Jing