Low-fat chicken breast sausage and other new products launched excellent normal temperature track accelerated expansion

2022-07-06 0 By

Following the official brand spokesperson Li Xian, the new consumer brand Youxing chicken breast meat is also making frequent moves at the product end.Recently, Fengxiang’s youxing launched two new popular single products — low-fat chicken breast sausage and low-fat chicken breast meatball, and launched simultaneously on Tmall, JD.com, Douyin and other channels.This is youkata’s third room-temperature product, following a bite of insufflence sausage and “Simply insufflence” chicken breast potato chips.As the pioneer and continuous leader of ready-to-eat chicken breast meat in China, this new product on the line continues the low-fat characteristics of the superior product family.Among them, the optimal low-fat chicken breast meatball product fat content is zero, low-fat chicken breast sausage each fat content is only about 0.5 grams, so that consumers want to eat, easy and no burden.Meanwhile, the two new products have won praise from food bloggers for their tender taste and ready-to-eat convenience. “The well-shaped chicken breast sausage is springy, chewy and meaty.””Chicken breast meatball meat tight, rattan pepper flavor layer is particularly rich, one bite super satisfied”…Low fat healthy, open bag ready to eat, taste feast, has become the label of superior products.It is reported that superior shape in 2017 to fully force the domestic market, its first launched ready-to-eat chicken breast products is with excellent product force once launched by fitness enthusiasts, body managers and office white-collar sought after, continue to lead a healthy light life fashion craze.At present, Youform has become the leading brand of high-end ready-to-eat chicken breast, occupying the first place in online and offline sales and market share on Tmall, JINGdong, Douyin and so on.By the end of March 2021, the cumulative sales of Youxing ready-to-eat chicken breast products exceeded 100 million packages.The rapid growth of Youxing benefits from satisfying the needs of the new generation of core consumer groups, as well as the strong r&d and production capacity of the parent company, Fengxiang.The vertical integration mode from breeding to processing of Fengxiang stock ensures the quality advantage of youxing products, and backed by fengxiang stock “Tokyo + Shanghai + Shandong” three-dimensional 3D modern food RESEARCH and development system, so that Youxing can apply global cutting-edge market insight and research and development energy to serve Chinese consumers.According to superior form related person in charge of introduction, superior form new product research and development has extremely harsh restrictions.The launch of a new product should first make a major breakthrough in the three dimensions of health, delicious and convenient, and then it should be sampled by at least thousands of consumers. Only after repeated polishing according to the feedback of the sampled product can it finally be put on the market.In the first quarter of 2022, from superior chicken breast potato chips to superior “add a chicken leg”, from “tender!”Chicken chop” to chicken breast fried rice, and then to the launch of low-fat chicken breast sausage and low-fat chicken breast meatballs, excellent new products are constantly accelerating, the expansion of category layout can be seen from this.In recent years, with the pace of consumption upgrading, the development of leisure food industry entered the fast lane, has become one of the most promising and dynamic industries in the future fast consumer goods market.Compared with its popular salad chicken breast products, the low-fat chicken breast sausage and low-fat chicken breast meatballs launched this time have more casual properties, which also provide a supplement for more consumption scenarios for the low-calorie, delicious and no-burden excellent form.On the one hand, these two new light trucks with leisure attributes enrich the product forms of Youform, which can better meet the different needs of consumers in product attributes and tastes.On the other hand, the two characteristics of “open bag ready to eat” and “room temperature” are also more in line with the eating habits of Gen Z group.Clearly, by embracing food trends with rapidly iterating products and continuing to improve its ability to meet demand, Uform is committed to becoming an affordable food brand that can offer “all-scenario” solutions to more consumers.