Spring Festival Trip in the Year of the Tiger

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Hunan Daily all media reporter Liao Hui Wen Peng Kexin income increased, traffic is more and more convenient…Traveling during the Spring Festival has become a new custom in more and more families.On the day of happy family reunion, traveling together has become the best choice for the whole family to relieve the pressure of daily life and relax.According to data released by the provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, 867 cultural and tourism venues in the province received a total of 5.8045 million tourists during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, achieving a revenue of 994 million yuan. Short-term visits to relatives are the mainstream of the market.What new travel trends are worth watching as the Chinese New Year holiday comes to an end?On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Tang, a citizen of Changsha, flew his family of six to Dali, Yunnan province for the Spring Festival.”We rented a local farmhouse to stay in for the Spring Festival. We also brought the Chinese character fu (福) and small lanterns to decorate the room. It felt very festive.”Tang said this is not the first time that a sojourn has been adopted. “With elderly people in our family, we usually choose warm destinations,” he said.Data released by home stay platform Tujia APP shows that booking rooms or even booking a “small courtyard” for the Spring Festival has become a trend in recent years, and this year is especially hot.Instead of booking Spring Festival accommodation a week in advance in previous years, most of the whole rented courtyards were booked a month in advance.Orders for whole courtyard rentals for the Spring Festival have increased by more than 50% compared to 2021, and the average stay duration has also increased to two to three days.Nearly 40 percent of the yards sold out cost more than 8,000 yuan per night.But tourists who choose to travel locally and around the region are still the mainstream.Changsha Wuyi Square and Guojin Center business District, which have many b&Bs, have been ranked in the top ten of the most popular b&B business districts in China for three consecutive years during the Spring Festival.According to Ctrip, orders for local hotels and b&B accommodation in Hunan increased 24 percent year-on-year.Under the “magic attack” of hunan’s cold and wet weather, people prefer hot spring hotels.According to data released by the provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Ningxiang Huitang International Hot Spring Resort earned 10.915 million yuan in ticket sales during the Spring Festival holiday, ranking second in the province.Besides, yunding Hot Spring in Changde, Rucheng Hot Spring in Chenzhou, and Jiangya Hot Spring in Zhangjiajie are popular among tourists. It is hard to find a hot spring hotel.People’s demand to celebrate the Spring Festival in “other places” provides more opportunities for hotels and b&BS, but the unique status of the Spring Festival in people’s hearts and the travel characteristics of a family of old and young also put forward more requirements for the operators of hotels and b&Bs.Deng Lin, a tourist who booked three riverside rooms in Fenghuang This year, said, “The first thing is that the rooms should be comfortable and suitable for the elderly and children.In addition, I also give special consideration to whether I can book a hearty dinner on New Year’s Eve, as well as whether there are many local customs and entertainment activities.”Thoughtful and personalized services and information sharing and interaction with surrounding scenic spots and activities are another direction for hotels and b&Bs to seize the Market during the Spring Festival holiday.Winter Olympics + rain and snow, the southern tourists of the “frozen” “too beautiful, auspicious snow bodes good harvest, ah!”Yueyang tourists Pan Yingha breath, warm cold fingers, continue to record the tianmen Mountain snow with mobile phones.During the Spring Festival of the Tiger, Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie ushered in a snow, so that many visitors to the Rime harvest New Year surprise.Despite the cold weather, many visitors shuttled and walked in the forest, enjoying the snow scenery and taking snow photos to enjoy the beauty of ice and snow.When The Chinese year and the Winter Olympics encounter, deduce a “frozen”.Traditional culture is hotter, and “ice and snow economy” is hotter.Localization and small radius are becoming the conspicuous consumption characteristics of ice and snow tourism.According to data from Ctrip, more than 80% of tourists choose to visit local scenic spots during the Spring Festival, with tickets to scenic spots in the province accounting for 82% of the total.Natural scenic spots present rare climate wonders, snow view, play snow photos, enjoy the rime and other activities directly drive the holiday tourism consumption.For example, tianmen Mountain National Forest Park, Mangshan Wuzhi Peak Scenic area, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and other scenic spots are riding the “winter” wind of the Winter Olympics, with high heat.Tianmenshan National Forest Park earned 10.509 million yuan in ticket sales during the seven-day Spring Festival, ranking third in the province, according to the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.Mangshan National Forest Park is located in the northern foot of the Nanling Mountains. One mountain straddles Hunan and Guangdong provinces, attracting many Guangdong tourists to enjoy the snow.Driven by continued enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics and the rapid popularity of snow sports, skiing has become the most fashionable way to open the Spring Festival.In the south, where snow and ice resources are scarce, a number of special snow resorts have emerged.During the Spring Festival, snow and ice travel and ski resorts in Xiangjiang Happy City, Three Bears Ice and snow Kingdom and Zhangjiajie Ice and snow World are popular.Ski resort to open the mode of limited flow, advance booking;Skiers that used to be not full are now having a hard time getting to the bottom;Ski resort restaurant, parking lot is hard to find…”My friends and I visited three snow resorts in Hunan during the Spring Festival. The number of people was twice as many as in previous years, especially young people.”In the eyes of ski enthusiast Lu Zheng, this year’s ski resort is particularly lively.The public’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports and tourism keeps rising, ushering in a golden period of development for ice and snow industry.The Winter Olympics has also become a powerful lever to move ice and snow sports and promote national fitness.[Editor: Tang Yusi][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]