The movement track of 1 positive case in Shengsi county was announced

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The movement track of a COVID-19 positive case in Shengsi County was announced!Any intersection of time and space, please take the initiative to report on March 17, 2022, shengsi county found 1 case of COVID – 19 nucleic acid testing positive for staff, is now on its close contacts, close contacts for emergency, and to carry out the sampling detection, nucleic acid screening to personnel have been incorporated into control, place contact disinfection has been achieved, the corresponding area has according to the standard to carry out the control measures.Preliminary epidemiological results showed that the researchers recently activities trajectory is as follows: on March 12, 9 sit pontoon bridge ship to shenyang bay, 5 bus to Shanghai 13:00 to Shanghai Nanpu Bridge tourism hub (outside the road no. 1588) out of the car and taxi to Shanghai star box of hotel management co., LTD. (five road no. 108), did not go out after be being entered on March 13, 7:00 from the hotel, take a taxi to Shanghai First Women’s and Children’s Hospital 13:00 from the hospital take a taxi back to the hotel has not been out March 14 in the morning take a taxi from the hotel to Shenjiawan pier 9:40 take zhouqiao wheel 6 from Shenjiawan to Sijiao 11:00 arrived Li Zhushan dock, after take a taxi to go home, at home with family after 11:30 cooking a meal in the home not to go out in the afternoon, the evening meal in the home 20:30 after dinner to brother home lighting stores (xinghai road no. 83), home to sleep after March 15 at home to eat breakfast in the morning, and her daughter, and the farmer’s market to buy food and then go out and center:13 and 10:26 went to shengsi County Central Farmers’ Market and Tesco Supermarket Co., LTD. Arrived home at 11:30 and drove out at 13:00 to send her daughter to work, then returned home and had dinner at home at night 19:00 went out by car 19:53 to Shengsi Store of Hua Zhiyou Supermarket of Kaihong Group Co., LTD. 21:00 drive to parents’ home games (high bay to teach new road) 24:00 on March 16, five drive back to home, to send my daughter to the unit to work, returned home after 11:30 daughter go home, have lunch at home 13:00 drive, report to the brother’s home (old street area), by the way to send his daughter to the unit to work, go home after 15:00 drove out to do nucleic acid, and then went to his brother’s home (the elder brother and sister-in-law were at home) (old street area) at 17:00 went home for dinner, picked up his daughter from work halfway home 17:11 Bought noodles at the north gate of the vegetable market and drove home 22:Please stop and wait in the vicinity of Shengsi People’s Hospital when you get a phone call, and then transfer to the isolation point. There is a risk of infection if you come into contact with COVID-19 positive patients during the above period and place. Please report to the towns, communities (villages) immediately.Cooperate with flow and management.We urge the public to pay attention to the information released by official authorities, not to panic, believe, spread or fabricate rumors, and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control efforts.At the same time, continue to the epidemic prevention and control this alert, maintain protection consciousness, adhere to the scientific and wearing masks, wash your hands often and often ventilated, maintain a safe distance does not gather, the prevention and control measures, such as the good personal hygiene habit, consciously with body temperature measurement, in and out of the public health code, code inspection and so on epidemic prevention and control work, vaccinations as early as possible will be coronavirus vaccine.If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, conjunctivitis, myalgia, diarrhea and other symptoms, please take personal protection, go to the fever clinic (clinic) in time, avoid taking public transportation.We need to work together to prevent and control the epidemic.Contact Information: COVID-19 Prevention and Control Group of Shengsi County Office 50570005057001This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, reprinting, copying, excerpting, rewriting and network transmission are prohibited. Otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.