Warriors 4-3, still unrepentant, if fool has color, it must be Warriors blue

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The golden State Warriors series takes you through the NBA’s all-star interior.Following in the footsteps of Utah’s Whiteside and Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson, the Warriors introduce zubaz from the Clippers.Zubaz can be quite amazing, 2 meters 13 giant and technology, the inside hook like “sky hook” body, how to defend useless, if let him initiate tough, but also can ride the dunk, this kind of monster like SHAq and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar combination, how can defend?Yeah, so the Warriors didn’t guard the entire game, and zubaz had 18 points in the paint before he even broke a sweat.But that’s not the problem with the Warriors’ worst defense. What’s more deadly is that in addition to Zubaz, mann, Reggie Jackson, Harten, and the Warriors also failed to guard, and it seemed that every Clippers player wanted to make fun of the Warriors’ defense inside when they saw the warriors’ five dwarfs on the court.The Warriors were outscored by the Clippers for 54 points in the paint, and even curry’s 26 points in the first half of the game didn’t help the Warriors, who had to swallow another eye-popping loss.The big problem with the Warriors’ interior defense is simply that they can’t defend.Warriors coach Kerr, trying to defend the paint early in the game, went to the hoop.The key to the crouching defense lies in the defensive ability of the big center, who not only needs to fight with the opponent inside, but also needs to stand on the defensive position and be ready to protect the rim and disrupt the penetration of the opponent’s perimeter players.Rooney is already the best center in the Warriors’ lineup, but he doesn’t do any defense well.Wayne Rooney was picked apart by Zubaz in the opening play, and even if Rooney did his best to stop Zubaz, he would not be able to block the perimeter.Rooney’s inability to prop up the Warriors’ defense led directly to its collapse.Because Wayne rooney, crouch hole effect is poor, cole began the next series of whole life: he tried infinite relief, acting as the dream-seeker let wiggins, the role of green help to fill the pot in the area, the result is, wiggins empty movement ability, no help defense consciousness, is not late to help position step, is not help at all locations, interior defense is still wear;Kerr then tried to double the ball carrier, but to Kerr’s surprise, Rooney went out to double the ball, and curry, who was defending in the penalty box, died faster than before.Kerr also tried to zone the paint, but it was unclear if the paint was covered, and the perimeter was shot through as the zone gave clippers shooters plenty of opportunities.Because of the lack of rim height, the Warriors’ defense was all over the place.When the defense breaks down, the Warriors need offense more than ever this season, but anyone who has watched the Warriors play this season will know that the Warriors’ offense is so inconsistent and unreliable.It is well known that the Warriors’ offensive system is called passing, which is an offense that uses passing and running to trick the opposing defense into making mistakes, essentially stealing chickens.So, the Warriors have a tendency to run a quicksilver offense against teams with poor defensive discipline and frequent defensive miscommunication, but at the high end, who other than the Nets has a poor defensive discipline?What’s more, with Draymond Green absent for so long, the Warriors are without a dealer and can’t get the ball to the point even when opponents make defensive mistakes.The Warriors’ offense also suffers from an inability to finish in the paint, which makes it impossible for them to play pick-and-rolls like most teams do, because pick-and-rolls require a center who can eat a lot of cake, and the Warriors don’t have that.Curry did his best. He almost shot in the first half against the Clippers, scoring 26 points in the first half, but considering the holes in the Warriors’ defense, the Warriors won’t have a chance without curry scoring 60 points.In essence, is a mighty shot brigade, not only the development of the initial attack, all from the Treasury of the ball shot, garage attract the clippers, to change the clippers defense formation, the ball after the warriors players hands turned a circle, no one can finish inside the end, the last ball again after a complex transfer back to perimeter scorer in the hand,Ask them to pick up or take open 3s, and when outside shooters miss, as Klay Thompson did on 3-of-14 shooting today, the Warriors’ offense can be paralyzed.But where the Warriors are better than their traditional shooting team is on defense, which has been the best in the league all season and is now crumbling with draymond Green sidelined.The Warriors lost three of their four games to their interior defense, and even so, the Warriors’ front office was sitting tight. There was no plan to replace an emergency center, and coach Kerr insisted there was no problem with his team’s height after the game.If fools have color, it’s warrior blue.