Xi ‘an issued a severe weather forecast for the next 24 hours

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Xi ‘an observatory January 25, 2022, 17 issue when the next 24 hours severe weather forecast: day xi ‘an tonight or tomorrow there will be rain and snow weather, rainfall is expected to begin from tomorrow morning, new city, west district, gaoling, Yan Liang, lintong have sleet or light snow, weeks, Hu towns, changan, kai has a light snow local moderate snow.Due to the rain and snow, most of the city may be affected by road icing and low visibility phenomenon, please take precautions.Under the joint influence of the westerly trough and the southerly warm and wet airflow in the lower layer, the low temperature rain and snow weather in Xi ‘an has been maintained recently, and the main precipitation period occurred from the evening of 26th to the evening of 27th.Specific forecast is as follows: tonight to tomorrow day: cloudy day to sleet or light snow, local snow in the southern mountains, 0℃ ~ 3℃;Tomorrow night to 27th day: cloudy day with heavy snow, local snow in the southern mountains, 0℃ ~ 2℃;Night of 27th to day of 28th: cloudy with moderate snow, heavy snow in southern mountainous areas, -2℃ ~ 2℃.According to @Shaanxi weather, it will be cloudy in the whole province tonight, and there will be small to medium snow in western and southern Shaanxi, Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi.Tomorrow day the whole province overcast, northern Shaanxi, guanzhong have small to medium snow, southern Shaanxi have small to medium snow or sleet, among them qinba mountain area, southern Shaanxi and the eastern part of the local area have medium to heavy snow.1, understand the road conditions, go out in advance before driving to timely understand the road traffic conditions, try to avoid driving in the time period or sections of easy to freeze.In case of warning prompt, choose detour route in advance.In case of dark, damp, easy to freeze and other sections, you should be more careful and slow down.2, focus on strengthening foresee because ice road surface is wet, can give a vehicle caused great difficulties, so to be very careful when driving, want to have a high degree of predictability, events that will occur to make judgment in advance, in order to take measures in advance, to prevent because of events occur accident because of panic is not properly take measures.3. In special sections, control the speed of vehicles on icy sections should slow down the speed as far as possible and control the speed of vehicles in case of emergency or emergency stop.4, increase the car distance, advance braking when the road is icy, driving to increase the distance with the car in front as far as possible, in case of abnormal conditions, can be found in advance and timely response;Be ready to take the brakes in advance.Because when driving on icy roads, the car will brake longer than when driving on dry roads.5, straight driving, gentle driving in icy road driving vehicles, it is easy to brake or vehicle skid and other situations.Therefore, the driver should try to keep a straight line, do not easily frequent lane change, overtaking, by all means avoid emergency steering, emergency braking.(Source: 896 Automotive FM Comprehensive Report)