Yuhua Mutual care for the elderly service station caring volunteers send warmth in spring

2022-07-06 0 By

The rule of law reports (correspondent Cheng Yongjun) recently, the anhui tongling city copper made yuhua district officer, district mutual pension service station manager and the new made yuhua district standing committee members, the party activists more than 10 people, in the eastern suburb non-public enterprise party construction ZhiDaoZhan leadership under the leadership of, into three road have been braving freezing temperatures to old volunteer on-site condolences made yuhua district standing in the rain.The 13 elderly volunteers are all over 70 years old, and several of them are over 80 years old.They have been engaged in volunteer service in Yuhua station for years, as long as several years, 365 days a year, rain or shine, take the station as home, hardworking, carefully care for the yuhua station family, their charitable deeds and great love dedication won the respect and praise of the elderly diners and the society.Eastern suburb office, yuhua station party and government leaders to send them New Year’s greetings and gifts, I wish them good health, praise they are yuhua station old baby, is yuhua charity public welfare, is a model for the majority of volunteers to learn.Grandma Lu Guilan, a 78-year-old volunteer, used to be a chef at Yuhua Station. She has been cooking dishes for the elderly and the destitute for four years without complaining. Everyone praised her for her varied and delicious dishes.Now she has six more apprentices.She said happily that doing volunteer work in Yuhua station has found the value of her later life, which is her best way of life. She is healthy and happy in spirit. The leaders of Yuhua Station care about and respect themselves, which is called dedicating others to their happiness.Made yuhua district station chief Wang Aichun excitedly said, tongling mutual made yuhua district support service stations operating in more than five years, according to incomplete statistics, the average meal 32000 person-time, volunteer service volunteer in 04500, five years for disadvantaged groups to provide free lunches, social support, love helpage support, neighbourhood watch volunteer services such as 31000, number 210000,In respect for the elderly to help the elderly public welfare work to obtain social recognition, all this is inseparable from the leadership of the Party, the support of the government, the hard work of all volunteers, especially to thank so many selfless dedication of their own old volunteers.Yuhua station party branch also then said, “Mo road Sangyu late, xia is still all over the sky.”They care about the elderly, care about the country, carry forward the concept of mutual assistance and respect for the elderly, and strive to practice the core socialist values and Chinese fine culture. They influence and guide generations of Yuhua charity workers with their advertisements.