Bamba lakers trade to be announced!

2022-07-07 0 By

According to the latest foreign media reports, the lakers are more anxious to find an inside player in free agency after losing three straight games.Pelinka is interested in Orlando’s inside man Mohamed Bamba, and plans to trade Horton Tucker, DEandre Jordan and a second-round pick for the young man, according to a Los Angeles reporter.This season, vogel surprised the rest of the world by dropping Dwight Howard, who he didn’t use even with his injury.Half way through the season, the lakers are under.500, Russell Westbrook has been blamed for the loss, and the lakers have fallen to 11th in the Western Conference in defensive efficiency this season.The Magic, on the other hand, are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference and have no real core.And, magic management also has no intention of bamba as a core player training.Although Bamba is averaging 10.6 points, 8.3 rebounds and 2.03 blocks per game this season, he is capable of shooting inside and outside and shooting 35 percent from 3-point range.Blocked shots on defense, but still no team reuse.Howard praised Bamba in an interview and said he had a big future.Instead of having westbrook on the market, the lakers’ front office could consider finding a suitable partner for Russell.It would have been a great deal to sign Howard after he was waived.The two teams are still negotiating over the chips.