‘Can’t be used!An elderly man was thrown off a bus in Guangdong province and sprawled on the ground

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In this world, no one is really free unless she is very disciplined.In public places, public order and good customs, is one of the rules to restrain citizens.Those who don’t will be looked at and have worse consequences.On February 16, such was the scene at a bus stop in Foshan, Guangdong Province: an elderly man prepared to get on the bus without wearing a mask during the epidemic.The driver saw and immediately reminded: “please wear a good mask and then get on the car.”The old man refused to listen, so the driver had to follow the rules and ejected him.During the epidemic, you need permission to be a black sheep.The bus has its rules. If she doesn’t follow them, she has to get off.A normal person would have no choice but to be embarrassed.After all, it was their own fault. If they wanted to get on the bus, they had to find a way to buy masks and wait for the next train.As it happened, the old man was not ordinary.Instead of being embarrassed, she lay on the floor.For a while lying on his back motionless, for a while and suddenly rolled up as if swearing what.The bus driver turned a deaf ear to all this and drove the bus past the old man and drove away.After watching the video, netizens seemed to be very relieved to say: “Can not be used to!”Yeah, this is a busload of people’s health and safety.How can passengers just get on the bus without wearing masks?During the pandemic, wearing a mask is mandatory whenever going to public places.For others as well as for myself?Wearing masks should be voluntary rather than forced.Is it not because of the concerted efforts of the whole people that China has managed to control the epidemic so well?In addition to the epidemic prevention workers strict guard to achieve such results.If everyone is as careless as this old man, it will not only destroy previous efforts, but also make the epidemic in China as uncontrollable as that in other countries.There are no eggs under the nest, how simple it is!It’s not just one person doing personal protection.Old people can be stubborn and headstrong, however, scoring times and occasions.She committed the crime even though she knew wearing a mask on a bus was already a rule.Well, that’s weird because the driver kicked her out of the car.So the poor man must be hateful!Although the Chinese people have always had the traditional virtue of respecting the old and caring for the young, everyone is equal in the face of the epidemic.As elders, but also should set an example, do younger people a good example.Rather than relying on old age, the advantage of age to seek specialization.To be a person, you should know how to observe public order and good customs, and think of others. Don’t let the eyes of the masses despise you.Every time I encounter an old man as a demon, someone will say: “It is the bad man getting old.”Whether the bad man grows old, or the old man becomes bad, the result is the same, it is not desirable.People often say: “the most beautiful but red sunset”, in fact, this sentence has a deeper meaning, that is: near death, to do the most beautiful sunset.