In a state-owned enterprise, you must learn to adapt to the leader. You must understand these 15 lessons when traveling with the leader

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First, leadership changes are common in state-owned enterprises.So in the face of constant turnover in the company, how can we ensure survival, and continue to improve?I think we need to do the following six points: 1, have the foundation of the foundation, have the core competitiveness, have a certain irreplaceable.80% of employees in state-owned enterprises are not motivated and just muddle through.You have to be the 20 percent who earn what they deserve.Don’t take sides, win leadership recognition by doing things.Leaders of state-owned enterprises change frequently. If you are branded with the brand of a certain leader, you will be targeted everywhere and it is difficult to promote yourself.Go your own way, but don’t interfere with others to make money.Otherwise, people will try to move you out of the way.4, do more receiver, do less microphone.In the workplace, there’s a lot of gossip going around, and all you need to do is listen, and don’t spread it.It’s not a bad thing to be wise!5. Strong sense of responsibility and high execution ability.Learn to be a man, and people kind, learn to low-key, steady work.Do a good job of their own is only the basis, can stand out in the company, all the way to fight strange upgrade, the decision is still in the company leadership.Therefore, you need to carefully analyze the various types of leaders, apply the right medicine to the case, and use the most appropriate means to gain the favor of various types of leaders and obtain the success of your career!Second, in the state-owned enterprise, with leaders on business trips, need to pay attention to 15 items: 1. Know the weather situation of the business trip place in advance, send the weather situation of a week to the leaders, remind the leaders to prepare clothes, umbrellas and other related items.2. Confirm the means of transportation in advance, purchase the corresponding air tickets and train tickets, or approve the self-driving car in advance, and fill up the fuel in time.3. Contact the local docking person in advance, arrange the local work schedule in time, and it is best to be picked up by someone.4. Ask local staff to book the hotel in advance, so that leaders can stay in the hotel as soon as possible.5, prepare relevant materials in advance, so that leaders can timely understand the local situation and make preliminary preparations.6. If there are reception arrangements, inform the local counterpart of the leader’s preference and taboo in advance, so as not to have embarrassing scenes of food that the leader cannot accept.7. When traveling with leaders, prepare more tissues, daily medicines, biscuits and other items for a rainy day.8, when leaders want to rest, do not make a sound, remember to mute or vibrate the mobile phone.When leaders and important people talk about important topics, it is best to know how to leave in advance, should not listen to not listen.10, when the surrounding personnel to the leadership of frequent toasts, know when to help leaders block wine.When necessary, sacrifice yourself, go out on the offensive and focus your fire on the other team’s key players.It is best not to get drunk, to know how to stay sober, to ensure the safety of the leadership to the hotel room.If necessary, stay awake and pick up the TAB.12, every time before the appointed time, in advance in the hotel lobby waiting for the leadership.When eating, it is best to go to “relax” the body midway in advance, don’t wait for the leadership to go, you just want to go to WC, so that the leadership is quite bad for you.Before you leave, clear the hotel payment in advance, and open the corresponding bills, do not let the leadership wait for you.15, after returning to the company, we must do a good job of reimbursement of the corresponding travel expenses, it is best to advance the leader’s travel subsidies.1, Attitude is everything, to ensure their own subjective initiative, actively do all the work.When you dawdle, you waste your life.2. High executive ability is the magic weapon of career promotion.Leaders assign tasks, the need to “soldiers to obey orders as the first duty” as the criterion, to carry out efficiently.Reliable is the foundation of the foundation.Everything has an explanation, a landing, an echo, a result.Ensure feedback on process, problems, progress and results.Give play to the spirit of “suffering is a blessing, suffering is a blessing”.Actions speak louder than words, the so-called two eat, will eventually pay off handsomely.High-profile work, low-key life.Be a man before doing something. Be kind to others. Respect others.Be cautious in words and deeds.He who speaks too much will lose. He who speaks too much will be too much!Learn to be grateful.Remember to always be grateful for all the people who have helped you in your career.8. Invest in your brain.Reading thousands of books will make you realize how ignorant you are, and make you “never too old to learn”.9. Invest in your body.Strengthen physical exercise at ordinary times to ensure good health.Health is where everything else is possible and where there is always hope.Cherish the time.The only thing in the world is that time is irreversible.Don’t waste the years, just feeling “white young head, empty sad”!After 17 years of working in a state-owned enterprise, xiaobian has experienced 8 changes of leaders and ups and downs. After absorbing lessons of blood and tears, it summarizes the survival and Promotion Skills of State-owned enterprises in the workplace, with a total of 60 lessons, systematically explaining how to be a person, how to do things, how to survive and promote, so that you can avoid detdetures and change your destiny.If you agree, welcome to buy xiaobian column.Currently in the festival discount stage, the original price of 199 yuan, now only 69 yuan, until February 16, 2022.