The best love parents can give their children is to let them learn to be grateful

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The best love parents can give their children is to let them learn to be grateful.This is the story of a 14-year-old girl who runs away from home.It is worth learning for all parents of children.I hope you have the patience to see it through.Because the girl quarreled with her mother and left home in a fit of rage without any money.After a long walk, it grew dark.The girl was thirsty, hungry and tired. She saw a noodle stall in the distance and an aunt outside. She saw the girl in the distance and said to the girl, “Child, are you hungry?”Come and eat noodles!The girl sadly said: “Auntie, I have no money!”My aunt said, “It doesn’t matter.Auntie, please eat.”Soon, a hot bowl of wonton noodles and a side dish were served to the girl.The girl’s eyes turned red and tears were on the verge of falling.The aunt asked the child, “What’s wrong with you?”The girl said, “Auntie, I don’t know you.You can give me a bowl of noodles.But I had a fight with my mom, and she kicked me out.At the same time she was very angry and told me not to come back.I don’t think my mother loves me.”The aunt sighed deeply, and the girl asked curiously, “Auntie, why did you sigh?”Aunt said: “It seems that you are a sensible child.I know how grateful I am, but have you ever thought about how many bowls of noodles your mother cooked for you as a child, how many times she cooked for you as a child?Have you ever thought about being grateful for your mother?”When the girl heard this, she suddenly understood and tears began to flow down her eyes.She put down the rest of her bowl of noodles, said hello to her aunt and ran all the way home.It’s getting dark.It was completely dark.As she entered a road that had to pass through Jinsong, she saw a familiar figure in the distance, where her mother was anxiously watching and waiting.The first thing my daughter said when she came back was, “Son, where have you been?Mother has cooked dinner, hurry home to eat!”The girl could not bear it any longer and threw herself into her mother’s arms, hugging her and crying.”Mom, I was wrong. I won’t make you angry anymore.I will study hard and be a good boy.”Parents love this story. Share it with your kids.Because the best love for a child is to learn to be grateful.