Turnip Mawei “strangled” the Wilson brothers;Robertson: not offensive players like Trump and Houston

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Robertson on beating Jon: “I’m very confident and glad I was able to make it after being positive.Higher ranked Neil Robertson and Mark Williams beat Wilson brothers Karen and Gary Wilson 6-4 and 6-3 to reach the last eight of the players Championship, which only invited the first 16 players on the opening day of the tournament on 7 February 2022.Ma Wei won four games in a row without any single output and trailing 2-3.Masters champion Robertson avenged his title victory with a 6-4 victory over Karen Wilson in the Players’ Tournament at Hampden in the Midlands.Mark Williams beat Gary Wilson 6-3.Robertson’s preparations have been far from perfect this week, as he tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from Berlin after a recent Masters tournament in Germany and then went through a period of isolation.Despite feeling still not up to scratch, the Australian remained confident and scored a landmark second Masters victory at Alexandra Palace last month.He beat Hawkins 10-4 in the final to win the Paul Hunt Trophy.Wilson had a good recent record against Robertson, winning four of their previous five matches, but the 21-time ranking champion turned up the heat early in this match to build a margin.Solo runs of 114 and 60 gave Robertson a 2-1 lead.He then went up 3-1 after scoring the game-winning black in the fourth game, doubling the lead just before half-time.Karen chased to level the score as play continued, winning two games in a tangle to level the score at 3-3.Robertson took the seventh frame with 94, before Wilson returned with a top score of 141 to make it 4-4.Robertson was just over 100 and one round shy of victory.Then in the 10th inning, he hit a spectacular drive on the green call brown to open up the chase.The Melbourne-based ‘Snooker artist’ then added 47 points to a 6-4 victory after netting a black.World number four Robertson now faces a mouth-watering quarter-final against either Trump or O ‘Sullivan.”I think I played well.I had a few turnovers, but I felt I played pretty well overall.””Robertson, 39, said.”Fortunately, this match came a few days after I came out of quarantine.I still have the feeling at the Masters, feeling great and confident.You can clearly see that I hit the ball well.I spent a couple of days training and getting ready and that got me into the shape I needed to be in to play a decent match.””Even if I’m still showing signs of fatigue, let Houston or Trump (potential quarterfinal opponent) come out and have a perfect flow game.But those innings will be over soon and I will have a good chance to play against “offensive” players.There will be a good atmosphere and competition, so there won’t be a lot of flat moments in the match, which suits me.I can’t wait now.”