What kind of cars do foreigners like?2021 Global sales analysis shows that pickup trucks dominate North America, while Europe prefers small cars

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The sales data of 2021 models in The Chinese market have almost come out. If I remember correctly, the first place for sedan should be Nissan Sylphy, and the first place for SUV should be Haval H6. There are two first places for MPV: One is Wuling Hongguang and the other is Buick GL8.Today let’s take a look at the countries across the pond and see who will be the top sellers in 2021.I don’t know if the United States was the birthplace of the pickup truck, but it’s the best civilian vehicle in the land.The united land is vast, but the city and the city, between region and region road traffic condition is not very good, pickup the adaptable ability of off-road vehicle was incorporated both the comfort but also meet the needs of the transport, just meet the needs of the people, so every year in the United States and North America sales champion is pickup truck models.This year’s data is no exception, the first Ford F series pickup truck sold a total of 726,004 units, including the familiar F-150 model and relatively unfamiliar F-250, F-350 and F-450 models, the former need not too much introduction is more common in China, while the latter can be simply understood as the PRO version of F-150.What concept are 720000 units, nissan sylphy in the domestic sales of 503914 units, ford f-series pickup truck sales of 200000 units, more than it should know ford’s f-series pickup trucks sold in the United States isn’t particularly cheap, with the lowest price is almost $30000, conversion to come over in about 180000 yuan or so, alas, as it is quite cheap?However, its main sales must not be the most basic version, so this sales volume is very strong reference value.The no. 2 and no. 3 pickups are the Dodge RAM and The Chevrolet Silverado, which are indeed ubiquitous in the U.S. and are the closest competitors to the Ford F-150.As local manufacturers, Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet are very familiar with the consumer psychology of the American people, while Japanese manufacturers are slightly inferior in this respect. For example, Toyota’s Tanto and Nissan’s Titan pickup, although they have a very large discount range, they are still difficult to capture the hearts of American users.In addition to the United States, because the climate and environment and the United States is similar, so Canada’s pickup sales are also very “explosion”, it can be said that North America is the world of large pickup trucks.Europe: old capitalism pays attention to small family cars in Europe. Since Europe can now be understood as a “community”, sales data are not subdivided into countries, but an overall data.According to the results of the data, Volkswagen brands basically took the top three sales in Europe, realizing “hegemony”. The dream that Little Beard failed to realize was realized by his brand decades later.The top three selling cars in Europe are Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Tango and Volkswagen Tiguan, all of which are not particularly large in terms of size, or even “small” for the Chinese market, which is a European concept.Unlike the U.S. market, Europe was urbanized 200 years ago, and some of today’s roads are paved with asphalt that dates back 200 years.This initial designs for the carriage to traffic road if all run large vehicles, I’m afraid that European 24 hours to a traffic jam, so people are more willing to choose the European market and delicate car travel, moreover, though the narrow road, but the road to far more than the United States, plus the mountainous terrain makes the vehicle properties are more prone to manipulation,So European cars drive a little bit more “human-car”.It should be noted that since the UK is nominally out of Europe, sales in the UK need to be broken down separately.In the UK, the number one car is called the Vauxhall Corsa, and the Vauxhall brand actually originated in the UK, but was bought by GENERAL Motors and then sold to the French, and is now owned by PSA Group.The Corsa, tesla MODEL3 and MINI are among the top three models sold in the UK, and their sizes are not too big either.In general, Europeans tend to prefer smaller, more refined models, which fit the geography of the region, so sales may have less to do with the product itself and more to do with what the local market likes.Japan: Toyota is called the overlord, who can compete with the forefront in Japan, Toyota brand can be said to carry the sales of the whole market, or can be understood as the market has an absolute monopoly position.According to released data, 12 of the top 20 models sold in Japan in 2021 are Toyota yaris, Toyota Roomy and Toyota Corolla, with no other brands competing.As an island country, The traffic situation in Japan is also not optimistic, so their main sales force is also relatively small models, and Toyota Yaris has good sales in China, which shows that its product force is very strong.Similarly, The Toyota Corolla ranked fourth in China and third in Japan.Toyota Roomy is a K-car, which is not sold in the domestic market, and its main reason for birth is also due to Japanese regulations, so such a CAR is as popular with local people as wuling Hongguang MINI in China.According to all the data, the ability to sell cars is directly related to the local environment. For example, the United States is large and sparsely populated, and people need a pickup truck for almost all their daily use.In Europe, people pursue small and delicate, and have strict requirements for athletic performance and control;In Japan, fuel-efficient and compact cars are the norm because Japan is a resource-poor country;In China, cars like the Wuling Hongguang MINI can also sell well, subject to relevant laws and regulations.Therefore, when an enterprise wants to enter a new market, it is very necessary to conduct in-depth research on the market, rather than blindly launch some “puzzling” models, so as not to make people laugh.