A man in Shijiazhuang ate and lived in an empty house for three days in retaliation for setting fire to the house

2022-07-08 0 By

Recently, Shijiazhuang Jingxing County Qingshiling village aunt Wang perennial live in the old yard unexpectedly caught a fire, home all the things burned, and the same perennial no one’s neighbor was also mysteriously burned a sofa.Public security organs at the scene of the fire investigation found that the suspect not only set the fire, but also in two homes even eat with waste for three days, and even in the house to defecate.After several hand – to – hand, the criminal suspect gao mou was eventually arrested.Originally, Aunt Wang found that someone had been in the village after talking about this matter, the suspect heard in retaliation, deliberately set fire to aunt Wang’s home.The case is still under further investigation.@Farmer Channel