Faker: The goal for the first round is 9 wins, and I hope to play chovy at my best in the second round

2022-07-08 0 By

A few weeks ago, LCK officially announced the battle between T1 and GEN, but unfortunately, the match against T1 was not “perfect” due to the fact that several GEN players were diagnosed with COVID-19, and Chovy even had to play alone due to the lineup change.This also makes it difficult to realize the big matchup of Faker VS Chovy in the middle expected by many people before, and the final game is also easily won by T1 2-0. You can’t say how good T1 is, but the current strength gap between the two sides is really quite big.After the match, T1’s zhong Dan Faker also expressed regret over the “not perfect” match in an interview with Korean media.”If you play against the main players, it becomes more interesting, which is a shame,” Faker said.T1 struggled a bit in the first game, but came out on top and won the second game more easily. “I was really looking forward to GEN’s match,” Faker said of the win. “I was a little disappointed that it didn’t turn out the way I expected, but I’m thankful for the win.”He expressed regret over his team s competitive ability, saying, We made a lot of mistakes in the first game and seemed to have some problems during the match.Faker was also less than impressed by his own performance, adding: “Although I got the POG, it doesn’t feel like I won because I played well.”Since last year, every time Faker vs Chovy has been in the spotlight, but Chovy went on the road today, so the 1V1 showdown didn’t work out.”There will be a clash in the second round, so I hope to be at my best,” said Faker.Faker is one game away from his 1,000-game career.”It doesn’t matter how many matches I play right now,” he said. “I think every match can help me develop better, so focus on each match.””1,000 games means a lot,” he said. “I want to set more records in the future.””Age has had a lot of impact on the game in the past, but I think it will have less impact in the future,” Faker said. “It seems logical that players who do well will always do well.””If the study of games was very active in the past and games were moving very fast, now the study of games is going to be slow,” he says.Because the game didn’t change that much, it was easy to deal with and I gained a lot of experience to a certain extent.”Appeared recently in the overseas league, road of sola card and ai weng this play, Faker also gave his opinion to this, he said: “before the in the mind think about sola card list, because have a team used in North America, so in order to test recently played in a live, because changes in the transfer, so there are few like sola card in other lines of the hero,Big moves, especially good ones.”As for the cards that he used most frequently, he said, “I expect that the versatility that can be used in any combination will be reduced, but I can still use them according to circumstances.”Faker sees this year’s T1 advantage as “operational.”He said, There seemed to be a lot of advances in operation, and personal abilities were greatly exercised during the battle.T1’s next game is against KT, and Faker also expressed his ambition. He revealed that “our goal is to win nine games in a row. If we get this result in the first round, it means that we may also win it in the second round.We also want to try our best to manage our health and show our best performance. I hope our fans will also pay attention to their health.