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When staying at home, the public should maintain a healthy lifestyle of reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, and psychological balance.A reasonable diet a reasonable diet refers to a diet that provides comprehensive and balanced nutrition.During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is recommended to eat fish, meat, eggs, milk, legumes and nuts in moderation, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and take vitamins and dietary fibre.Variety of food, meat and vegetable.Drink a moderate amount of water, not less than 1500 ml a day, drink more plain water.Don’t listen to folk remedies and dietary remedies that can prevent or cure COVID-19.Pay attention to food safety.Moderate exercise moderate exercise refers to the type of exercise and the amount of exercise suitable for the individual’s physical condition.Moderate exercise can enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve endurance and physical fitness, but also play a role in regulating mood, reduce pressure, relieve anxiety, improve sleep.Exercise should be moderate, choose suitable for their own way of exercise, intensity and amount of exercise.During the epidemic, exercise at home should be the priority.Do some indoor physical activities, such as yoga, Taijiquan, baduanjin, plank, etc.Conditional, but also with the help of sports equipment exercise, such as dumbbells, pull elastic belt.Smoking can cause a variety of chronic diseases, including many cancers and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Passive smoking can also cause a variety of diseases, more harmful to young people.Smoking can not only prevent virus infection, but also lower the body’s resistance.There is no scientific evidence to suggest that smoking can prevent COVID-19.Some old smokers have been smoking for a long time, suffering from chronic bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other basic diseases. Their resistance is already poor, and their prognosis is worse after infection with pathogens.Smoking does not prevent COVID-19.There is no scientific basis for saying that people who drink alcohol are less susceptible to COVID-19.Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to sudden cardiac death, chronic alcoholism, chronic gastritis, alcoholic cirrhosis and hypertension, and can lead to an increase in traffic accidents and violence.Four, do a good job of self-psychological adjustment psychological balance refers to a good state of mind, that is, to be able to evaluate themselves properly, to cope with the pressure in daily life, to work and study efficiently, to contribute to the family and society in a good state.Optimistic, cheerful, open-minded attitude towards life, set the goal in their ability to reach the scope, establish good interpersonal relations, actively participate in social activities, help to maintain their psychological balance.Pay attention to the information released by the government and authoritative institutions, keep a good attitude, do not panic, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors.Get enough sleep and work regularly.Face up to negative emotions and strengthen self-psychological adjustment.If self-adjustment can not be alleviated, you can call the psychological hotline or seek professional psychological counseling services online through the network, or seek help from professional institutions.Five, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors during the epidemic, citizens and friends should pay more attention to the release of shenyang and other authoritative information sources, do not spread unscientific, no reliable source and unverified information.Making and spreading false statements not only confuses public opinion, disrupts social order and interferes with normal epidemic prevention and control work, but also violates the law.Li Han, director of the Fifth Department of Health Education, chief Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, MD, postdoctoral fellow in Shenyang Health Service Center.China national medical association executive director of the sleep branch and disease transformation mechanism, combining Chinese and western medicine in liaoning province to youth group deputy team leader committee standing committee of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in liaoning province heart prevention and rehabilitation professional committee, ten thousand pacesetter engineering level talents in liaoning province, shenyang health education experts branch member,Selected into shenyang health education well-known expert database.