It was 2 years ago today that Lebron surpassed Kobe in total points!Two years ago today Bryant tweeted his last time

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On the morning of January 26, 2020, Lebron James passed Kobe Bryant with a layup in the third quarter of the Lakers game against the Philadelphia 76ers, moving his career total to third in NBA history. Kobe Bryant also tweeted his best wishes to his brother, but this was his last twitter update before his death.On April 14, 2016, kobe Bryant curtain call for career, with three points and 14 seconds left in the game, the lakers still lag behind for 10 minutes, this is kobe’s last stand, this is the first world war, the black mamba relentlessness Bryant dragged scarred body, again and again the impact of the jazz defense, help the team to complete the reversal, well packaged with a win,Kobe’s career total stands at 33,643 points.Lebron James’ layup in the third quarter of the lakers’ regular-season game against the Utah Jazz surpassed Kobe Bryant’s all-time scoring total of 33,644 on Sunday. Kobe Bryant tweeted his best wishes for his brother.I didn’t think this was kobe’s last tweet before his death, on this day Kobe left us forever!Today, kobe Bryant left us 2 years ago, James also led the Lakers against the Nets, forever black mamba, not old Peter Pan, we will always miss you!